Many Payment Options for Working With Virtual Assistants


Are you unsure which payment option to choose when working with Virtual assistants or their team? There are many payment options.

They can be hired to work for you on a block of time, hourly, or retainer basis. A plan can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. This is particularly beneficial for clients who don't have the right skills.

It is not clear what their needs are. Let's get it down.

There are many payment options available:

Hourly Rates: This is the hourly rate that you pay for work. It is usually higher than your retainer rate but can still be effective. The hourly rate is one rate per hour. Online support companies recommend that clients work with a smaller block of time than hourly to maximize their benefits.

Retainer rates - You can retain services for as many hours per month, and the rate of the service provider will usually go down the more hours you keep. These hours must be used within the month. Retainer rates offer you a better rate than the hourly option, and you can be sure that the Virtual Assistant or their team will be available during those hours.

Blocks of Time – You buy a block of time, say 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Once the timer is up you can purchase more blocks. The beauty here is that you don't have to rush to send work to your Virtual Assistant by the end of the month. Instead, you can use the retainer option. You can choose the time block that suits you best. Blocks of time usually have a fixed price. Some companies offer lower rates for larger blocks (e.g. 20-30 hours).

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Packages - This option allows you to combine services for one price. While add_ons are available for an additional fee, the main package remains unchanged. You can buy a package that includes support and a WordPress blog. Packages can be purchased for things like having a press release prepared and sent out to a specified number of places.

Virtual Assistant can customize payment options for any type of business. Speaking and coaching professionals especially benefit, as their projects often differ from those of the coaches they are working on. Which one is best for you? Ask. We are happy to discuss your requirements and help you choose the right option for your company.