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How We Work

  • Tell us your Needs

    Discuss with us your project requirements, and we will present smarter ways of help desk customer service to
    get it all done.

  • Hire Team

    Address, brainstorm, and review our proposals. Once confident, you can outsource help desk support from us and
    start the project.

  • Get it Done

    We provide Dedicated Team of Agents with Training, Tools etc. and train AI bots for you, using your favourite tools to chat, share files, and collaborate.

  • QA & Delivery

    We do Performance Benchmarking using Testing Automation and deliver the services on your desired platform.

Manifestation Of Our Outsource Help Desk Support

Your customers are expecting an all-time help desk support while prevailing your services, is your current traditional system fulfilling their needs? If not enter, we with our first call resolution service are here to lay the foundation of life-long company-client relationships.

Real-time Support

Future lies in instant responses. Therefore, we offer 24-hour Help Desk Services. With our 24/7 Outsourced Help Desk, you can provide real-time tech support for your business and services.

Exceptional Customer Services

We aren't just technical, we're very friendly. We deliver human touch to your end users and business.

Effective Response Time

80% of calls are answered within a 60 second response time. Your customers are directly connected to a trained agent, who is armored to help them resolve their issue.

Fully White Labelled

We present as your advertising and may even have multiple brands each partner.

Higher Resolution Rates

Our Help Desk Customer Service is so much more than just call handling service. We work for resolution. On a normal day, we target 80%+ resolution rates.

Industries We Worked

  • Banking, Financial
    Services & Insurance

  • Healthcare Life
    Sciences & Services

  • Energy, Natural
    Resources & Utilities

  • Travel, Transportation
    & Hospitality

  • Global Media &

  • Retail, CPG &

  • Human

  • Sales &

  • Sourcing &

  • Finance &

  • DomainExperts &
    Knowledge Services

  • Customer Relationship

Our Help Desk Support Services Highlight

  • 95+% High

  • Support for
    100+ languages

  • Virtual Assistance
    for Text & Voice

  • Fast and
    Easy Deployment

  • Single POC
    for all

Channels That We Support

Our Help Desk Support experts are proficient in assisting your end consumers on nearly all platforms. Our support will offer you the comfort of deploying 247 outsource help desk services within your website, mobile apps, voice assistance and much more. In fact, we can also assist you with custom integrations.

Case Studies Of 24/7 Hour Help Desk Services

24 hour Help Desk Services for a leading IT service provider.

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24/7/365 help desk support for a Private Health Insurance Company.

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Technical Help Desk Assistance for a Franchise network serving client.

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Why Our Clients Prefer Working With Us

  • 24/7 constant Help Desk Support
  • Quality is served with about zero downtime
  • Top virtual Assistant Line-up
  • We give you 80% employee retention
  • We work 24/7 365 days of the year
  • We focus on client satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients On 247 Outsourced Help Desk

Why should I choose LHI for my help desk outsourcing?

Outsourcing help desk services to Live Help India (LHI) comes with a lot of perks. Few of them include:

  • Increased profits
  • Reduced Administrative Hassles
  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Need to Hire Fewer Resources
  • Faster TAT and High-Quality Results
  • Highly Skilled Personnel with high experience at Low Cost

How do I know that outsourcing my help desk services will present quality service to my customers?

There are a few significant areas that we have developed and designed to ensure quality with our 24/7 help desk and customer support:

  • Quality Assurance Reviews.
  • Service Levels.
  • Predictable, Repeatable Processes.

Quality Assurance Reviews - the task of our quality assurance group is to monitor calls and review the tickets generated by the users. The team uses a rating system that ranks diverse facets of the help desk agents handling of the telephone in addition to the documentation at the ticket and follow-through on documented processes of the agent, especially on those tickets dropped to another group. Not merely is their rating received by the agents. Still, the QA specialist works with the Team Lead and representative to provide proper training on calls and identify regions in which they believe training is required by that the help desk agents.

Service Levels - Service Levels are intended to hold the outsourcer, such as us, responsible for the services we supply. We've got service levels like average speed of answering rate, response time for emails, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction, which hold us liable to reach service level thresholds. Our team manages these service levels leads with staff scheduling, daily staffing adjustments, and reaching out to users responding to surveys.

Predictable, Repeatable Processes - By using well-documented Knowledge Base content that specifies the right processes, you guarantee that not just do your users get service that is predictable and repeatable. But your help desk and resolver groups also know what is expected of them with each call, whether if it will be solved at the help desk or escalated to another group.

What makes your outsourcing help desk services reliable?

Thorough IT background

With the in-depth knowledge in IT consulting, QA infrastructure services, software development, and much more, we go beyond just following the instructions about the best way best to address software problems. We realize applications from the inside and apply this information and address software problems efficiently.

Worth for different ability levels

Our support services are adjusted by us from novices to experts, to each user category. We solve minor problems reported by clients that are new and give seminars and training that help to embrace new applications quickly. For experienced users, we provide a quick and investigation resolution of non-trivial issues.

To encourage further self-support, a knowledge base is created by us with the content tailored to every user group: from newcomer guides to posts on how to best address common issues.

Extensive experience of collaboration in IT projects

We engaged in short- and - long-term projects with both IT and non-IT companies, and we understand how to establish effective collaboration. We ensure collaboration of our help desk experts with applications developers, network and program administrators, QA staff members, and other professionals, outside or both in-house, to ensure that each problem is investigated and managed by the relevant specialist.

When Should I Outsource (Business Processes, Customer Care, Technical Support, etc.)?

Ask yourself, is providing sorted services your core competency? Or have you reached a stage in your growth trajectory where support teams will take the limelight and will have direct communication with your existing and potential customers? If answers to these questions are inclined towards a 'Yes,' then it's time to outsource your business process, customer care, and support. Doing so will become crucial to focus on your growth plan and reducing prices.

However, if you need some signs to outsource help desk MSP, one of many among the first indicators is experiencing spikes in call volume or consistent telephone overflow that results in long customer wait times, which will negatively affect your service quality. Another sign could be the escalated business growth experienced by you and having difficulty in scaling staff for functions like IT, HR, training, finance, and quality control teams.

How Can Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help my Outsourced Help Desk?

It's imperative to bring the speed of digital together with the subtlety and nuance supplied by individual agents. Automation and AI tools can allow you to deliver faster and more experience at a lower operational price. It can place advice at agents' fingertips so they can provide efficient service and support. These tools can also allow you to free human agents from tasks so they could spend more time around the ones that require more empathy and problem solving than AI can provide now.

How Does Training Work With An Outsourced help desk call center?

We at LHI have standard training programs ready for onboarding new help desk consultants and conducting training for staff members when required. But one size does not fit all, and you may wish to guarantee training is tailored to what makes your business unique. The very first step is to make your brand new help desk outsourcing companies team feel a welcome part of your own business. It may be done by sharing new guidelines and values or taking a brief session with a concise introduction to the service and expectation. Make sure that this staff has proper access and understanding of the procedure in place to maintain representatives updated and new technologies or goods you may introduce. The next thing to do is to train the team with your brand values and ethics as well because these people will be responsible for training other members, who might join the team when your business expands.

Is outsourcing my help desk service flexible to scale up or down as my business needs change due to seasonal fluctuation?

Clients can scale their BPO or help desk needs. Under seasonal fluctuations, the advantages of having outsourced help desk support can not be overstated. LHI, being a top help desk outsourcing company, possesses multiple clients for help desk support, and hence we can quickly shift and retain our consultants, agents, to absorb the fluctuations.

BPOs can take over the non-essential operations of your company so that you can rest easy knowing that your cost requirements can be scaled.

What is the average number of calls that each help desk agent may take per month?

The answer to this question can be provided in two ways; theoretical and practical. Employing standard mathematics to this: an outsourced help desk support agent can manage 12 calls per hour x 8 hours (working hours) = 96 calls every day (assuming the standard call length is 5 minutes).

But think about some of these factors that impact this throughput:

  • Quicker Average Call - if the average call is more extended, then the number of requests per day that an outsourced help desk support agent can take; goes down.
  • Call Arrival - It is not always one call aligned and arriving at the help desk right when the agent completes their call. There are valleys and peaks during the day.
  • Outbound Calls - Agents need to make outbound calls and might be unavailable to reply for some time.
  • Coverage - Extended coverage hours might not provide enough call volume to even come close to the theoretical throughput for an agent.
  • Breaks - Most help desks have some breaks or at least lunch. Agent availability can be affected by this, but it's manageable.

So what is the practical answer?

30 to 70 calls per day" depending".

How secure are the facilities? What about data protection?

Privacy and your information protection are of paramount importance to us, and we carry every possible effort to ensure that your 100% peace of mind. Here's a list of steps we take to safeguard your data's confidentiality.

  • Zero disclosure agreements (NDA) with our employees
  • Every staff member undergo pre-screening and criminal record checks before commencing employment with us
  • No access to removable media like CD, DVD, and flash drives.
  • Safety guards in our facilities closed-circuit television and individual PC monitoring.

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