• "Running my own business with a 8 month old son often get tricky but the team here make my business run smoothly and take away a lot of stress from me. My business grown in the past few months, thank you."

    Emanuel Jonson, New York
  • "It was clearly a lift in competences. I have been very happy with the polite and considerate way that your staff has helped me out since trialing your service. And thanks to your Conversion Optimization efforts for my website!"

    Dyan Burgess, Sydney
  • "I am very pleased with your services. You – I mean you and your team – did a very very good job, very very good ! I cannot find any error in it! You can perfectly complete the German class with an A+ ! How did you fix that ? amazing"

    Ralf Rychlik, Frankfort
  • "In a world in which the small business person worries about speculating to accumulate. I am so glad that I hired a company that enlarged my professional image and sets the right first impression when a client calls"

    Paul Hilburn, London
  • "These guys are genuinely excited about the most diligent tasks in my business – and when I call it’s like being greeted by an old friend. We gave Live Help India a go because we wanted intelligent, enthusiastic help."

    David Woodfine, London
  • "I used Live Help India whilst a member of my team was out of the business. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they developed an understanding of the business, my needs and how I like to work! Highly recommend!"

    Jason Lin, California

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