Voice & SMS Broadcast Services

As one of the most economically viable medium for tapping customers and reaching out for more potential buyers, voice messages and SMS broadcasting is a highly essential mode for any growing revenue, sales and substantial client base. Our current market strategies account for sustainable marketing solutions, business calls, sales interactions, promotional offers, budget broadcasting and several variegated requirement.

Interactive Broadcasting

Broadcasting voice messages and SMS is a technology that automates your growth. This marketing driven technique amplifies strategic business approaches so you can maintain a direct contact with your customers. LiveHelp India makes it easy and desirable for companies to have their wide approachability and organized system of transmitting information.

Key Features

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response is incredibly beneficial for growing companies. An automatic generate reply which eases and meets the requirements of customers is highly regarded as professional and desirable approach by companies.

Real-time reporting

By using such techniques where direct customer-company interaction process, actual data can be fetched in favor of the companies. Organizations can produce resolute data and thus enable their approaches accordingly.

100% on time delivery guarantee

Time being one of the most critical factor knotted with the growth of the firm ascertain that enterprises that do not manage time are destined to fail. With voice broadcast, on time deliveries can be met and addressed efficiently.

Full Personalization

Direct & one-on-one interaction enables enterprises to cater higher level of customization through understanding the requirement of the customer without any delay and discrepancy. With this, their growth is invariable and guaranteed.

Live transfers

While dealing with customers, adding an option to transfer to live support/assistance can add great value to your services. Broadcast recipients can fetch customized results through this and attain high level of services.

Voice Mail Detection

Voice mail detection will allow you to create a customized “get-back” channel where in case you are unable to take/address the call of your esteemed customer, you can create a voice mail loop and get back to them at your convenience.

Top Benefits

Lead Generation

Generating leads is one critical task of performing business and therefore ensuring that all your inbound and outbound calls are backed with professional intelligence; try our noteworthy lead generation technique.


Using voice broadcast can help you promote your product/services big time by directly reaching out for your customers. Generation of real time promotion and reaching out for your customers with relevant information backing.

Record Generation

One of the most favorable benefits of working with one-on-one basis is generation of record. Talking to people can fetch you database which will help you in making real time decisions as a firm.

Reminders & confirmation

Imparting solutions along with making checks on what is remaining can be done easily through voice broadcasting. Your voice manager will handle all such integral tasks which demand you to interact with customers to reach utmost personalization.


Sending alerts to clients has never been so easy. We at LHI ensure that creating feedbacks and sending alerts from your end shall become a highly effective job, one that stands apart as your trademark.

Factual surveys

Gather valuable data and information through real time phone call that will help you in generating better solutions for your customer and also create a sense of familiarity with the market you are working with.

Voice Broadcasting Pricing

All of our services are Month to Month, No Contact, No (Limited) Free trial bluffs.

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  • Respect Do Not Call Lists
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Running my own business with a 8 month old son to look after means that things can often get tricky but the team here make my business run smoothly and take away a lot of stress from me. My business has definitely grown in the past few months thanks to Live Help India.
Emanuel Jonson, New York
It was clearly a lift in competences. I have been very happy with the polite and considerate way that your staff has helped me out since trialing your service. I appreciate your feedback in relation to getting the most efficient and effective services set up with your team!
Dyan Burgess, Sydney
I am very pleased with your services. You – I mean you and your team – did a very very good job, very very good ! I cannot find any error in it! You can perfectly complete the German class with an A+ ! How did you fix that ? amazing!
Ralf Rychlik, Frankfort
In a world in which the small business person worries about speculating to accumulate. I am so glad that I hired a company that enlarged my professional image and sets the right first impression when a client calls
Paul Hilburn, London
Live Help India is about proactive, nice support. These guys are genuinely excited about the most diligent tasks in my business – and when I call it’s like being greeted by an old friend. We gave Live Help India a go because we wanted intelligent, enthusiastic help.
David Woodfine, London
I used Live Help India whilst a member of my team was out of the business for an extended period of time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they quickly developed an understanding of the business, my needs and how I like to work! Highly recommend!
Jason Lin, California

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