Impact of Social Media On Customer Service


Brand success is dependent on the ability to build relationships with customers through social media. Social media can positively impact sales and, in large part, brand loyalty and connection. Although social media was originally used for personal purposes and to maintain interpersonal relationships, their popularity has allowed them to become an important tool in building a brand community. Social media has changed the way customers interact and communicate with brands. To interact with a company, voice their opinion or point out problems with a product, customers had to visit or call the store. Customers can now share their experiences and thoughts with you by clicking a button. Their voice is heard far beyond your store walls.

Wearesocial estimates that there are over 4.55 billion active social media users worldwide, almost half of the world's population. Brands cannot ignore the impact social media has on customer experience (CX) with such high usage. Social media has been a popular channel for communication and an integral part of CX's strategy. Social media has become a popular channel for communicating with customers and providing important information about products and services. The development of a brand community is also beneficial.

This instant connection should be managed carefully. Your customers have the opportunity to give honest and genuine feedback on your brands via social media. This valuable information can be used to improve your brand experience. Customers may be wary about engaging with brands that have a lot of negative comments on social media.

A strong social media presence can create a positive customer experience that builds brand loyalty and brand reputation. How can a brand foster this relationship? Furthermore, how they can optimize social media to provide a better customer experience. We will also discuss the importance and role of Social Media in customer service. Here is a quick summary, and then we will dive into the details.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization (SMO) is a method of using social media channels to grow and manage a brand's reputation and presence. It involves engaging positively with customers on social media channels and being proactive. This involves monitoring and assessing the brand's performance and customer engagement on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. SMO's main objective is to create awareness about new products, services, and upcoming events. It also helps customers to respond quickly to any questions or concerns they may have.

Why Do Brands Invest In Social Media?

Social media allows customers to quickly and easily connect with them and build trust and loyalty. If customers talk about a brand in a public forum, and your brand is not included in the conversation, it can send a message that you are not interested in your customers' needs and preferences. Social media also allows customers to leave reviews and give feedback about their experience with a brand. This can help other potential customers make informed decisions about whether to use the brand. Brands can also use social media to reach their target market and promote their products or services through the channel that suits them best.

Social Media Management - A Two-Way Communication

Social media has made it clear that our interactions with businesses have changed. Now we can reach out directly to companies via their social media channels and receive a response in a matter of minutes. Although this accessibility is seamless in consumers' lives, it can prove difficult for brands to manage their social presence 24/7. Businesses need to be able to manage both positive and negative interactions and provide consistent customer service via social media. Brands must create a plan that outlines how they will engage their audience and how to react to negative feedback.

What Is Social Media Customer Support?

Social media customer support is the provision of support via social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Businesses can meet customers at their location and answer any questions quickly. Customers believe that fast resolution of problems is the best part of customer service. Social media customer service is a great channel for instant chat.

Social media platforms have become more than just marketing and advertising platforms. They are now valid channels for customers to receive customer service, particularly with the growth of conversational businesses.

B2B and B2C businesses can have a difficult time offering omnichannel support via Social Media. It may be difficult for smaller companies to handle customer requests. It may be difficult for large companies that engage in high levels to reach every customer. Customer service expectations are increasing every year. Your company must adapt to meet these demands.

What Role Does Social Media Play In Customer Service?

Customer service benefits from the use of social media. Easy brand access via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, among other channels, allows for easy customer contact. Engaging in social interaction and brand building is possible through multiple channels. It saves time and money for entrepreneurs. You can also reach a wider audience using social networking sites than traditional methods.

Customers find this contact extremely convenient as it taps into their social networks and social time. It allows customers to quickly contact the customer service department without having to make unnecessary phone calls. A business should use multiple social media channels simultaneously to give customers the option to choose the best form of contact. Customers feel more connected to brands when they can speak directly to them via social media channels. This allows them to connect with the brand and make investments emotionally.

They are more likely to use a contact method that is adapted to their everyday lives, which allows for greater flexibility and accessibility. This solution will increase the effectiveness of activities in the area and will have a positive effect on the company's image as a provider of convenience and social interaction.

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Social Media And Customer Service Culture

Social media strategies can be integrated into your customer service model to allow you to connect with customers at a level that makes them feel connected to your brand and encourages them to recommend it to others. To implement a customer service strategy that works, you must change your corporate thinking. Customer service should not be about solving problems immediately. It should include reaching out to customers and anticipating their needs before they even know they need it.

Here are some elements that can help you integrate your company into the social media customer services standard.

  • Create Internal Communication Channels: Employees will have a harder time understanding how their tasks and roles affect the company's structure. Open communication between employees will improve their understanding of their roles and help them to understand the problems they are supposed to solve. It is important to inform employees about other activities that are not within their responsibilities. This can be accomplished through meetings or short, concise newsletters.
  • Trust And Build Employee Value: To conduct business and communicate with customers, a company must trust its employees. You must believe in an employee's ability to represent the brand and provide competent, consumer-oriented service. Management should trust employees by allowing them to speak for the company and allowing them some flexibility in building relationships with customers.
  • Please Share Your Feedback: It is essential to get to know customers and understand where they are coming from by sharing customer feedback with the appropriate departments within your company. It is a good idea to share with employees and other company personnel any complaints, suggestions or complementary statements. It is also a good idea to provide a platform for employees or departments that might have an idea of how to solve a problem. This gives employees a chance to get to know customers and their needs better.

How to Get Customers on Social Media

  • Brand Awareness : If someone does not know anything about your business, they will not be able to purchase your products or make an investment in your services. Anyone who wants to reach potential customers online must first build awareness of your brand. It is also the first step towards establishing long-term relationships. Enhancing your image Building brand awareness is a long-term effort that aims to attract more customers. However, it is important to take care of people who already know your brand. It is also worth investing in webinars and training to provide useful content. These will generally be speaking, producing high-quality, valuable content customers want.
  • Commitment : Once the customer is familiar with your brand, we can say that you are halfway there. There is much more to do to complete his journey. The vast majority of business models offer a free trial period, product samples, and a coupon code to start the customer's journey with the brand. Even if you purchase the product at full price, it is still the first episode in a series. You can have an adventure with the goods that you supply.

What Should You Do On Social Media Platforms?

There are many ways to share your social media posts, regardless of the channel. Stick your foot in the mouth. These should be avoided at all costs.

  • Do Not Neglect Your Customers: At a minimum, answer every direct support query.
  • Do Not Delete Or Hide Comments Or Posts: The only exceptions are comments that are clearly spammy or in violation of posted community guidelines. Negative comments from customers will only cause more anger and harm to the relationship.
  • Do Not Be Defensive: Even if they are angry, the customer reached out to you. It would be best if you thanked them for bringing the issue to your attention.
  • Avoid Overwhelming Your Customers With Too Much Information: This applies to articles that are based on a knowledge base or lengthy responses. Focus on answering the question. If you find the answer to their question too complicated or difficult, we suggest that they move the conversation to another platform.
  • In The Case Of Outages Or Mass Issues: do not respond or reply to all customers. It is better to only provide public status updates for customers that are directly affected by one issue.

These are the must-haves for customer service teams. The 2020 Customer Experience Trends Report found that half of the customers will switch to another company if they have had a bad experience with customer service.

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How To Increase Sales Through Social Media

You must also be ready to use social media customer service if you are looking to grow your sales over the long term. Many e-commerce businesses already use Instagram and Facebook to sell more effectively as well as to provide detailed information to potential customers. Social media can be used throughout the sales process. Although their primary role is to increase awareness and traffic, they also have the ability to provide additional capabilities that will help you improve every step that a customer takes towards making a purchase.

You can use social media to move leads towards the final phase of the process, which is the purchase.

Social Media As A Selling Tool

  • Create Loyalty and Trust Through Conversation: By responding quickly, you can show customers that they can count on your professional support and service. Your answer is also available to other people who are interested in the same topic. Social networking platforms demand that you engage in conversations in order to increase sales.
  • Use Messenger : Customers can contact your brand via private messages on social media. This is the easiest way to contact your brand because they do not have to leave Facebook.
  • Facebook Messenger: also has the advantage of being private. If you encourage your customers to use it and get them used to asking questions through this medium, then many potentially uncomfortable conversations will remain private.
  • Manage Reviews : Another way to build trust in your brand is through reviews and recommendations. Customer reviews can have a significant impact on other potential customers' purchase decisions.

Encourage customers who are already satisfied to leave a review. There is no need for you to write a long review. People love to share their opinions and experiences.

Customer Service Via Facebook

Social networking sites are a major channel for communication on the Internet.One of the most popular platforms is Facebook Messenger. It can be a fantastic approach to interacting with clients. It is also widely available to billions of users. You will be able to facilitate the organization and sharing of business messages, comments, opinions, and other information. This allows customers to get a faster response, which is a crucial part of building a positive company image.

Facebook allows customers to communicate with each other via messaging and also through the company's fan page. Customers can also post their opinions on the company's fan page. This is a great place to advertise your business. You can increase your customer base and improve the company's image by publishing content on the fan page. You can easily connect Facebook pages with the Facebook module. You can engage and manage all of your customers' Facebook pages, including wall and timeline posts.

Instagram Is A Great Customer Service Tool

Another option is to use Instagram. The Instagram platform allows you to publish marketing content and also allows customers to contact you directly through comments or messages. In addition to being rich with photos and striking images, Instagram content can influence customers' perceptions of your company. The Instagram module lets you connect to your Instagram accounts and view customer comments. You can also reply to them using the smart inbox. This module will allow you to optimize and improve your communication with customers.

Twitter Customer Service

Twitter is becoming more popular for customer service. Be sure to answer all questions and give a prompt response. You can increase your reach to potential customers by using the right keywords in the content posted on this platform. You can use the Twitter module to manage your Twitter accounts efficiently.

Youtube: How Can You Reach Your Customers

YouTube is another great platform that can help you promote and grow your business. This is a great way to reach a large and growing audience. You can also use the platform to post manuals and other content that will help you solve customer problems. The YouTube app makes it easy to manage your YouTube channel. You can upload videos from the control panel. You can also view comments and reply to customers.

Life Help India Is Your Best Friend In Customer Service

Life Help India modules can be integrated with some of the most effective and popular social networking sites. They can be used to facilitate customer contact and reduce the time it takes to respond to individual requests. This is a crucial role in customer service. You can provide customer service to your customers by combining social media with the social media platform. Customers can submit questions in a simple way. A profile on each portal will improve your company's image and encourage customers to use it.

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How to Improve CX in Social Media

Customer experience refers to all interactions a customer has with your brand, from shopping in your store to purchasing on your website to contacting customer service to address a concern or issue. All touchpoints are included in CX, including the initial awareness of the company and products, as well as post-purchase support. Social media is increasingly playing a part at each step.

A new study has shown that social media can have an impact on customer experience. 78% of respondents said that their social media experiences had influenced their purchasing decisions. This means that businesses must ensure that they provide a positive experience on social media for their customers.

Six Steps To A World-Class Customer Experience On Social Media:

#1. Know Your Audience: This is the first step in delivering exceptional customer service. Social intelligence is a way to turn online conversations into valuable consumer insights. It can help you discover demographics and create micro-segments. Social media platforms allow people to freely express their opinions and life experiences about products or services. Brands can get honest feedback from customers. Positive feedback is a validation that the company's efforts are on the right track. Negative feedback gives brands the opportunity to understand the pain points of their customers. Social listening is a way for brands to gather data that can be used to help them rethink their strategy, identify unmet needs and address any issues.

#2. Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Important: Many social media users use mobile devices to access platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is essential that your website can be viewed on mobile devices. It is essential to have a responsive design that works across all screen sizes.

#3. Make Social Media Work For You: You can use social media platforms to enhance customer experience. Twitter and Facebook can be used to quickly resolve customer complaints and queries. Social media can be used to engage customers and promote new products or services.

#4. Personalized Customer Experience: Brands have access to many data about customers thanks to big data. These data can be used for personalizing customer experiences and offering relevant content and recommendations.

#5. Customer Service Is Essential To Customer Satisfaction: Invest in customer service and give them the resources and tools they need to serve your customers. Implementing a robust social media service can result in lower costs, faster response times, and happier customers.

#6. Create A Strong Personal Brand: The strength of your brand can make a big difference in customer experience. But only if it has personality. Allow your employees to be themselves online and encourage them to create their personal brands.

Social Media's Impact on CX

Social media has made a significant impact on how brands interact with customers. Customer service used to be done via traditional channels like email and phone. Social media offers brands new ways to connect with customers in a more personal, engaging manner.

Although traditional channels still have their place, social media is a powerful tool for providing customer service. Social media is a powerful tool for building relationships with customers and establishing loyal fans. Brands that offer excellent customer service via social media can build strong relationships. Customer experience includes all customer touchpoints, from before and after sales to advertising and social media. Social media has a huge impact on customer experience. Brands must focus on their social media strategy in order to improve their CX.

The Challenge

Our client, a major national bank, wanted to provide a seamless customer experience through all touchpoints. This was to make it easier for customers to use the bank's digital and social channels to help them.

The Life Help India Solution

  • Positive brand experiences across social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are prioritized, along with WhatsApp and many other platforms.
  • Created and implemented dedicated social media and communities teams.
  • Social media strategies that are proactive.
  • We identified potential customers who posted about flat tires and retargeted them with relevant offers to create brand moments.

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The Results

Customer experience is becoming more important thanks to social media. Brands that do not use social media optimization risk missing out on an opportunity to connect with customers and build long-lasting relationships. Loyal Customers can use social media to share their opinions, provide feedback, and raise concerns. It is up to businesses to listen to customers and take action. Engaging with customers via social media can help you gain a better understanding and provide better customer expectations and experience.

Our transformation specialists at Life Help India ensure that your social communities and campaigns are brand-aligned, performance-driven and built to foster loyalty. Our social media strategy is a winner. It combines analytics and automation to provide personalized CX. As trusted partners, we work with brands from inception through maturity. We help them realize true value, experience and business outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Social media is a great way to offer modern customer service. Because it is simple for both the customer and company, both are beneficial. You can read our other articles to learn more about how you can implement social media customer services solutions in your business. Also, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our product and platform. You can be smart about providing customer service that exceeds the expectations of demanding customers.