Indian Strategy Assessment Services

We at Livehelp India can be your achievability associates in terms of developing through understanding of the marking and lending services to inflate business operations in this volatile and vibrantly growing market. We specialize and possess the knack to deliver and produce examined solutions for better growth opportunities. We also function with a wide and strong network of professionals and industry experts to fabricate analyzed and thought project strategies.

What can strategy makers do for you?

Dealing in the most promising market will get you more predicaments and challenges than expected and in such a situation our strategy makers will act as your armor. We are potential strategist to frame your entry level tactics and market presence in a way that it will produce beneficial results for you both in the short and long term. Our expertise and demonstrating capability will develop thorough solutions for your Indian business operations.

Market intelligence

Market & Industry Analysis

A derived intelligence, our market familiarity and understanding capability will develop potential understanding and thus new stratum of customers for your emerging business need. The overall market potential is analyzed and summarized for you to gain thorough acquaintance.

Setting up a company

In venturing business, prohibitive contradiction and choices surround your desire to excel. We will develop and carter to you a workforce of remarkable efficiency and performance to pitch your sales and brand acceptance in this volatile market.

Entry level Strategy

Other than designing location, planning, project management and allotment we will craft and process the memoir of proven skills for you to become highly desirable and proficient at your entry and therefore pursue highly regarded traits of successful business.

Competitor analysis

Organizations struggle for the derived acquaintance of their competitors. We conduct thorough analysis and conduct short term-long term practices.

Due Diligence

Financial Scrutiny

We provide support for a wide array of financial support and investigation. We scrutinize market, conditions, and competitors to analyze the structure of your growth.

Regulatory Compliance

We will conduct all the necessary audits to ensure your smooth functioning. The regulatory compliance and licensing meets your industrial requirement of reporting and acceptance.

Due Diligence for partners

Working in a business environment often comes with ample of challenges and we help you combat each one of them. We ensure the credibility and authenticity of your business associate.

Corporate Governance

At LHI, all your governance will come to meet the utmost level of standardization. We operate controlled business processes and corporate strategy for your through development.

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Outsourced Indian Strategy Assessment Services

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Strategic Sourcing

Considering yourself at the forefront of new supplying attributes and buyers connection, we handle your current process to turn them into a high speed program to meet your future needs. We research feasibility of sourcing and provide you with data to accomplish your needs.

Supplier Selection

A major section of your business is based on the people you work with. We will find the best business associates for your smooth functioning and emerging business opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance

To create your brand awareness and build up strategy to get your product in the market place, a lot of hurdles are to be crossed and certifications to be processed. We at LHI produce such efficiency for you.

Identifying skilled workforce

To grow invariably, a business must belong to those who strive to excel and possess perseverance to produce. We will find and scrutinize such knowledgeable workforce for you.

Entry Strategy

Location Assessment

Location assessment is one of the most integral factor of setting up a business. Our local real estate networks will fetch you a great location for your business.

Project Management

Building might take up skills, but talent is to maintain sustainability. We pursue projects with such consistency that it remains prolific as long as you function.

Investment Methodology

We ensure that all your funds dive into a safer pool where rate of return remains higher than your expectation. We also bring to you sources for generating better investment strategy.

Business Planning

Our pedagogy serves as a manifest to ensure that all business organization function smoothly and efficiently. Our strategies run in your favor and develop a friendly platform to excel.

Hire Indian Strategy Assessment Services

Our distinctive solutions and zeal to innovate has catered a long way successful projects and feasible number of satisfied global clients. We at LiveHelp India produce solutions which meet the current needs and meet the requirement of future growth. Hire our squad to become intelligently viable in your business approaches.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Adherence to latest technology
  2. Continuous market follow ups
  3. Competitive and cutthroat solutions
  4. Based on proven skills
  5. 10+ years of industrial experience

Running my own business with a 8 month old son to look after means that things can often get tricky but the team here make my business run smoothly and take away a lot of stress from me. My business has definitely grown in the past few months thanks to Live Help India.
Emanuel Jonson, New York
It was clearly a lift in competences. I have been very happy with the polite and considerate way that your staff has helped me out since trialing your service. I appreciate your feedback in relation to getting the most efficient and effective services set up with your team!
Dyan Burgess, Sydney
I am very pleased with your services. You – I mean you and your team – did a very very good job, very very good ! I cannot find any error in it! You can perfectly complete the German class with an A+ ! How did you fix that ? amazing!
Ralf Rychlik, Frankfort
In a world in which the small business person worries about speculating to accumulate. I am so glad that I hired a company that enlarged my professional image and sets the right first impression when a client calls
Paul Hilburn, London
Live Help India is about proactive, nice support. These guys are genuinely excited about the most diligent tasks in my business – and when I call it’s like being greeted by an old friend. We gave Live Help India a go because we wanted intelligent, enthusiastic help.
David Woodfine, London
I used Live Help India whilst a member of my team was out of the business for an extended period of time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they quickly developed an understanding of the business, my needs and how I like to work! Highly recommend!
Jason Lin, California

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