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How We Work

  • Tell us your Needs

    Discuss with us your technical support requirements, and we will present smarter ways
    to get it all done.

  • Hire Team

    Discuss, brainstorm, and review proposals. Once confident,
    hire a dedicated technical
    support team from us.

  • Get it Done

    We provide Dedicated Team of Agents with Training, Tools etc. and train AI bots for you, using your favourite tools to chat, share files, and collaborate.

  • QA & Delivery

    We do Performance Benchmarking using Testing Automation and deliver the services on your desired platform.

Choose LiveHelpIndia for Technical Support Outsourcing

You and your employees may need technical support at any time of the day. It could be an issue with one of your software tools or with a hardware device. Hire technical support services from LiveHelpIndia to ensure that your technical support needs are resolved at the earliest.

Connect Via Text
Chats or Voice Calls

You can reach out to your technical
support team at LiveHelpIndia conveniently via voice calls or text chats, any
way you prefer.

Top-Notch Support Experience

Experience what high-quality
technical support is like.

Get Instant Support

Contact your dedicated LiveHelpIndia technical support team any time you need help. With our First Call Resolution approach, you’ll get faster solutions for your technical issues.

AI-Based Tech Support

Use simple and user-friendly conversational interface to have your technical queries solved efficiently and quickly by AI.

Smoother Operations for You

Your business operations will become a lot smoother because you’ll receive instant technical support for resolving any challenge you encounter.

Industries We Worked

  • Banking, Financial
    Services & Insurance

  • Healthcare Life
    Sciences & Services

  • Energy, Natural
    Resources & Utilities

  • Travel, Transportation
    & Hospitality

  • Global Media &

  • Retail, CPG &

  • Human

  • Sales &

  • Sourcing &

  • Finance &

  • DomainExperts &
    Knowledge Services

  • Customer Relationship

Our Technical Support Services Highlights

  • 95+% High

  • Support for
    100+ languages

  • Virtual Assistance
    for Text & Voice

  • Fast and
    Easy Deployment

  • Single POC
    for all

Channels That We Support

We offer technical support via multiple channels, so you can choose the channel that best fits your business needs and we’ll make sure that you receive assistance in your preferred way.

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Why Our Clients Prefer Working With Us

  • 24/7 constant Technical Support
  • Quality is served with about zero downtime
  • Top virtual Assistant Line-up
  • We give you 80% employee retention
  • We work 216 hours/Month
  • We focus on client satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients On Outsourced Technical Support

What are the benefits of outsourcing technical support to Live Help India?

Benefits of outsourcing strategic call center technical support services to India are as follows:

  • Call center technical helpdesk assistance on a 24x7x365 days basis
  • Cost-effective online computer support services
  • Enhanced customer support services
  • Skilled and qualified technical professional helpdesk executives
  • Flexible pricing methodology and pricing paradigms
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Save on time, effort and resources

At what time of day will you provide outsourced technical support for my business?

At LHI, we offer outsourced tech support all day, every day.

The world never sleeps for technology companies. They do not want to wait, and in case you have users who request assistance at any time of night or the day, then they should not need to wait. Let us provide your customers with the level of support they expect.

Our outsourced technical support consultant is available round the clock. Email or your customers call requesting assistance; our trained agents will be ready to aid them. Each professional support assistant is trained to possess the skills required to leave the experience to customers.

How are you different from your competition?

Our customer support representatives are trained in understanding client psychology. We know that there's more to customer care than a mere "How do I help you?" question. Knowing every customer's mind is paramount to learning how to offer the best care to them. We employ proper customer understanding within our client care, something that you don't generally see in this business. This is what makes us distinct from our competitors.

I want an exclusive technical support consultant team for my business? Can you assist me?

Yes. You can get an exclusive, technically sound staff for your business. To provide you with your elite technical support team, we will pick a team leader and various other positions following your requirements. You and your team may communicate directly whenever you need and organize the tasks and get reports.

How secure are the facilities? What about data protection?

Privacy and your information protection are of paramount importance to us, and we carry every possible effort to ensure that your 100% peace of mind. Here's a list of steps we take to safeguard your data's confidentiality.

  • Zero disclosure agreements (NDA) with our employees
  • Every staff member undergo pre-screening and criminal record checks before commencing employment with us
  • No access to removable media like CD, DVD, and flash drives.
  • Safety guards in our facilities closed-circuit television and individual PC monitoring.

I want to visit your office to offer hands-on training? Is this possible?

Yes. We welcome you to visit our office in India. You could look at our facilities and spend some time. We'll ensure your trip is well worth it.

Can I hear the way your technical support consultant talk?

Yes, we've got sample voices that you could listen to on our internet website. We can also schedule a call interview for you before you commit to working with us to talk with some of our agents. Additionally, you will have the ability to interview each agent assigned for your project until they begin their work on the project. In this way, you can achieve your satisfaction.

What is the difference between tech support and customer support?

When folks hear the term technology service, it's easy to envision people in call centers, coping with unhappy clients who wish to vent their frustrations on payment and delivery issues. Your customer care group will handle these types of problems, rather than your tech support staff.

Where tech support differs is in the type of issues that are handled.

Tech support groups are responsible for handling installation errors, user issues, and some other technical issue that prevents the consumer from using your product. Primarily, tech service focuses on assisting clients in using a product more efficiently.

How can I get superior support at amazingly low rates?

As you realize, quality must keep us. Don't let our low rates fool you. Because our service center is located in India, we provide excellent service at competitive prices. We can benefit from the reduced cost of living in India. We attract and keep the very best support engineers that are gifted to our support center. You must know that LHI offers the best technical support services with their team of expert professional consultants, and we do not outsource to any third parties like some other providers.

Why LHI for Outsourced Technical Support and IT Helpdesk Support Services?

  • With our multi-channel communication centers, we offer inbound and outbound helpdesk and technical support through voice calls, email management, live chat, and also cellular SMS/text.
  • We also assure you that our communication center executives promote deep product experience for your particular business requirement and accordingly are well versed in your company's business values, ethical practices, FAQs, and understanding databases. This improves the quality of customer synergy, and all client queries can be handled.
  • General customer care reviews and evaluations are carried out to ensure excellent service standards. We're capable of fulfilling both consumer support and enterprise support with our facility and outsourced technical support.
  • By availing our 24/7 operations, you can make sure that the requirements of consumers across time zones have been looked after.
  • We offer assistance related to product erudition, product usage information, product performance information, and technical support on web sites that are accessible 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
  • We provide cost-effective, flexible, scalable solutions that suit your business requirements; and support resolution.
  • Extensive overseas support to different countries and in many different and diverse languages.

Do you have engineered and protected systems and infrastructure?

Considering the information security issues, we at LHI have an infrastructure that is Secure.

  • Business Access Procedure for Employee Login
  • Safe email using electronic signatures
  • Secure Smart Card, Secure Premises Login
  • Employees sign confidentiality and Non-Disclosure AgreementsNetwork and Windows Login, PC 'locking.'
  • Secure Remote Access (VPN)
  • Single sign-on to enterprise and desktop software

Do you also offer weekend services?

Yes, for mission-critical jobs, our technical support team will be accessible even on weekends.

We register program support contracts and give solutions for these requests at weekends or holidays. However, the fees are based on the application, and they may change.

LiveHelpIndia Reviews

I am very pleased with your services on
hourly basis, and now we continue
working on full time basis. Thanks!


United Kingdom

Thanks so much for everything – we can’t
stop smiling having this help
behind us!

Jon Philips


One of my clients that called you today was
very impressed. She felt that she was talking
to someone in my office, a million thanks

Gergely Laszlo

United Kingdom

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