The Power Of AI in Technical Outsourcing Support: Are You Doing Enough?



Artificial intelligence is presently being used in customer support to help augment as well as replace human reps. The main goal is to improve the experience of the customers and reduce the cost of deploying human customer services. AI is not only used in augmenting messaging, it is also used to sort and route customer support queries. It also helps augment phone call conversations to speed up the resolution of queries presented through calls. So, what power has AI brought in technical support outsourcing service?



1. Artificial Intelligence Augmented Messaging



Businesses seeking customer support services would want to utilize the email feature. Today, generalized chatbots may not work to the advantage of businesses, however, specialized bots designed to handle repetitive and simple tasks can work. In many businesses, bots can effectively handle much of the customer service interaction process. 


Having a system where customer representatives would work in tango with bots can provide a more result-oriented customer support environment. The very simple questions can be dealt with by chatbots, however, when the conversations get complex, the bot can direct that interaction to a human. The human can work on the difficult queries and probably send the results back to the chatbot to finish the simple details. This is a complex set up of human-machine interactions in which support services can take advantage of to better their services. This kind of set up in AI support services helps maximize the time taken by human agents to attempt what only human service reps currently can do and minimizes the time human reps spend on tasks that chatbots can attempt. An agent can handle numerous interactions; let’s say up to three interactions but chatbots can handle thousands of tasks at one time.


 2. Artificial intelligence in Email Inquiries


It can be very time-consuming for an employee in a company to read every email that is sent to the company to see what customers need and how to deal with their needs. To help simplify the work of reading emails, companies can consider outsourcing technical support that utilizes ai-powered email solutions to speed up the task. today, some companies are using ai technology to help scan and tag emails so that they direct them to the appropriate offices or departments. there are also ai tools and systems that provide customer agents with macros as well as clips from the most suitable past responses so that they can quickly create a response to a common query. this helps reduce the average email handling time (aeht). 


by placing email messages in different categories and pushing them to the right team, it helps increase the capacity of the agents. the good thing with ai tools is that they learn from every interaction and keep on becoming smarter. if they find that certain kinds of messages are being sent back to them, the bots detect that probably they are not placing the messages in the right category and they can re-categorize them or reroute them to other personnel. if that personnel accepts the newly routed emails, then the ai system understands that agent as the right one to push those kinds of emails. in addition, ai systems for support services help streamline the knowledge of agents. when they suggest the right to customer reps, it means the support agents do not have to take a lot of time searching through templates or other sources for the answers.


3. artificial intelligence in customer phone calls


it’s a little harder to deploy ai for voice-based communications. however, advanced ai systems are being introduced in the market to help in customer support. there are ai tools that can read, listen, and reply to voice-based queries. the unusual accents, speech patterns, and poor pronunciation can make artificial intelligence tools find it hard to communicate with human voices. besides, many people only consider making calls to companies if all other avenues of communication have failed to yield results. even with these setbacks, many companies have managed to utilize ai to improve their customer service. 


there are ai tools that can listen to conversations identifying the tone and content or the pitch to measure the mood of the customer. the software detects mimicking, changes in pitch, changes in volume, and other elements in a conversation. these features can help provide real-time insight into the feeling of the customer at a particular time. this kind of ai system provides real-time suggestions and opinions to the reps to help improve the calls and evaluate the performance. the companies who use these ai tools can record improvement in their net promoter score and the number of callers asking to talk to a manager significantly goes down because many of the problems are being resolved by the tools.


besides, using the ai tech support inbound process outsourcing to handle queries presented through phone calls also helps improve issue resolution to a larger extent. call monitoring using ai tools can also help companies to predict customer experience or satisfaction and offer recommendations.




as of today, technology may not be able to take over the entire tasks performed by human customer service reps, any consumer queries simple enough to be answered by chatbots may not need the input of human service agents. the potential to save on costs and the ability to have a 24*7-customer service provided by ai systems and tools can help replace humans in particular applications. from emails to calls to messaging, chatbot and other ai tools are now being used to provide real-time answers and solutions to customer queries. when it comes to complex issues, ai may not replicate everything an individual can do, however, the tool can work hand in hand with human reps to resolve the issue presented by a customer. 


the place of ai in customer support is seeing a two-sided approach in solving problems. it is helping the agents and also assisting the ai tools to get help when they find a query is difficult for them to resolve. on top of that, customers are finding that they don’t have to spend much time waiting in queues for their queries to be answered because they get a 24-7 outsource technical support. you may have seen that food companies such as wingstop, starbucks, dominos, and subway have started utilizing artificial intelligence to allow customers to place orders in various ways without having the involvement of a human sales representatives.


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