Financial Research Services

Financial researches have always been critical to the essentials of business decision making. Livehelp India has fetched client base of investment bankers, private equity professionals, venture capitalists, academic professionals, government agencies and numerous investment trusts. Our reliable and deep insight into the strategic intentions of the market, firms, competitors and business trends drive intelligence to your business. We provide measurement based solutions that are based on proven approaches and focused analysis of the market. These services are tailored to meet the client needs and furthermore leverage expert knowledge. Our interactive analysis capabilities and market based understanding develops custom consulting projects for comprehensive results.

Who is it for

Our rick, customized and valuable financial market research is for idea production, opportunity analysis, decision making, competitive response, risk management, investment issues, market assumption, financial analysis, aspect assumptions and numerous critical aspects of businesses which are highly fundamental for the growth of the company yet very challenging to be performed on their own.

Highlights of our Financial Benchmarking & Analysis:

Comprehensive Analysis

To aid leading firms with the relevant information of market, product, industry highlights, financial trends, key growth elements, business analysis and related industrial drift through market research financial services.

Financial Benchmarking

It enables clients with strong industrial data with its thorough understanding. On the areas of profitability, cost structure, working capital, turnover, leverage, cash flow, deficit etc.

Financial Metrics

For further and intense value addition, we monitor and develop financial metrics for our clients to create a complete and thorough understanding of the subject. EV/LTM sales, EV/ LTM EBITDA, P/E ratio, etc.

Growth Opportunities

By developing comprehensive industry mapping and public/private awareness, be cater growth opportunities for our clients. Through this we cater revenue/ growth rate for companies and help them in budding properly via financial services research.

Specific Value for Corporate Clients

Financial Framework

This is a vast industrial forefront where comprehensive knowledge and services are imparted from our adept and skilled professionals to produce fierce understanding for easy decision making. We compare industrial data, portfolio company benchmarking, monitoring and developing financial ratios.

Customized Investment Ideas

Specific industrial requirements to enhance efficiency and investment plans are aided by our service. We provide to both public and private owned companies the ability of generating strategic choices and understanding of the investment cycle. Equity analysis for institutional investors & hedge funds.

Financial Analysis Access & Briefings

Direct access to information that can help you in making important business decisions can be highly beneficial for firms of any size, type and kind. With our reliable analysis, as a firm you can produce maximized outcome, revenues, sales & leads. You can also develop rich investment strategies and ideas to gel well with your firm.

Trend Identification

As a firm, one of the most crucial aspects of the market is the trend analysis which bounds many business related changes. We help you identify new markets and analyze the old ones. We help you identify funding, sources, internal improvements, cost structure and numerous financial assumptions which will help you grow.

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Running my own business with a 8 month old son to look after means that things can often get tricky but the team here make my business run smoothly and take away a lot of stress from me. My business has definitely grown in the past few months thanks to Live Help India.
Emanuel Jonson, New York
It was clearly a lift in competences. I have been very happy with the polite and considerate way that your staff has helped me out since trialing your service. I appreciate your feedback in relation to getting the most efficient and effective services set up with your team!
Dyan Burgess, Sydney
I am very pleased with your services. You – I mean you and your team – did a very very good job, very very good ! I cannot find any error in it! You can perfectly complete the German class with an A+ ! How did you fix that ? amazing!
Ralf Rychlik, Frankfort
In a world in which the small business person worries about speculating to accumulate. I am so glad that I hired a company that enlarged my professional image and sets the right first impression when a client calls
Paul Hilburn, London
Live Help India is about proactive, nice support. These guys are genuinely excited about the most diligent tasks in my business – and when I call it’s like being greeted by an old friend. We gave Live Help India a go because we wanted intelligent, enthusiastic help.
David Woodfine, London
I used Live Help India whilst a member of my team was out of the business for an extended period of time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they quickly developed an understanding of the business, my needs and how I like to work! Highly recommend!
Jason Lin, California

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Financial Research Services

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