3D Animation Software is a Must- Know for Beginners


Are you interested in learning 3D Animation Design & Rendering? Are you interested in a career in 3D animation? You should be aware of the 3D animation software applications that are hot in 2020.

Professionals use the software below to create an advanced showreel.

Let's take a look at them.

An introduction to 3D animation

3D animation allows you to create backgrounds and characters for projects that are in three-dimensional space. You can create special effects, storyboards, backgrounds, and more.

You can use 3D animation tools to create animated characters for television, movies, and advertising.

We are sharing the best 3D Animation software with their features:

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya was founded in 1998. It is an award-winning 3D animation program. It is used primarily in the creation and maintenance of 3D applications such as video games, environments, motion graphics, and special effects.

It is one of the most popular 3D animation tools. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Maya is the best choice if you are looking for high-quality visual effects.

  1. Free for students

Autodesk Maya Features:

  1. Create excellent character animation
  2. With the Paint effect, you can create 3D shapes using freehand drawing tools.
  3. The Freeform approach to 3D modeling allows you to add layers.
  4. You can also create scripts and plug-ins to customize your site.
  5. It gives life to believable characters.
  6. Realistic effects are possible.
  7. This tool allows you to create 3D scenes and objects.


It is open-source and free. It's best used for lighting and texturing. It can be used for rigging, video editing, and motion tracking.

  1. Costing Free

Features Of Blender:

  1. It offers Python APIs for customization and scripting.
  2. This tool allows you to create shortcuts.
  3. This tool can be used to trace a path for realistic rendering
  4. This tool allows you to create, transform, and modify your models
  5. This tool allows you to transform still images into stunning animations.

Cinema 4D

It is the best 3D program for Adobe After Effects users. This software can be used with After Effects. This software is ideal for motion graphics artists. Cinema 4D is an excellent software for modeling, texturing, and motion graphics.

  1. Costing: $59.99/Month

Features of Cinema 4D

  1. You can customize it with many assets
  2. It can create concepts quickly without modeling
  3. It offers a new method of creating 3D artwork
  4. Node-based materials offer a new way to create surfaces and shading effects.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker

It is the best animation software. It can be used to create stunning 3D animations that transform text and logos into amazing creations. You can adjust the playback speed, animation length, as well as many other settings. It is possible to create stunning title animations for the internet. You don't need to know anything about 3D design basics.

  1. Costing: $35/Month

Features of Aurora 3D Animation Maker

  1. It allows you to import images and create 3D effects.
  2. It supports dynamic backgrounds and text.
  3. This tool gives you complete control over the light settings
  4. It is possible to quickly change the appearance and style of an object


Mixamo is a new application that you may not have heard of. Mixamo, a 3D animation program from Adobe, is available. Mixamo allows you to create 3D characters. This software does not require 3DSMax knowledge. It includes a large library of animations.

  1. Costing: $25/Month

Features of Mixamo

  1. It is easy to browse and download 3D characters from the family.
  2. Animations and characters can be downloaded easily and used in movies, games, and other media.
  3. Multiple animations can be downloaded at once
  4. It offers a more precise and faster search function

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Conclusion to the article

These are the most important 3D animation programs currently in use. This article will help you if you are feeling lost or need some guidance.