What is Back-Office Support? How Can It Be Outsourced & What Are Its Benefits?


A solid back office is essential for a successful business. This department supports the front office with customer-facing tasks.

A disorganized or inefficient back office can cause disruptions and even cripple operations for a mid-sized or large business. It is crucial to invest in technology and workforce to improve the back-office. Outsourcing is key to optimizing your back office.

This article will explain what back-office support looks like and how it can be outsourced. Continue reading to discover the advantages of outsourcing back-office operations for your business.

What is Back-Office Support?

The back office is a section that works behind-the scenes. It is not directly involved with customers and does not interact with them like the front office.

The back-office supports the front office in its operations. A customer might call to request a copy their billing statements. The back office manages customer requests and creates invoices. The front office alone will be responsible for all the work without a back-office department.

The back office provides support services and also handles administrative tasks that are essential to the business's day. The back office includes the recruiting team, the human resources (HR), payroll, and the information technology department (IT).

What is Back-Office Support Outsourced for?

Outsourcing refers to the practice of outsourcing. This is when you hire a third party service provider to manage a portion of your business operations. In this instance, it would be your back-office support.

You can use an external vendor to outsource back office outsourcing. An outsourcing provider for business processes (BPO), can be either onshore (within the country), or offshore (overseas).

You can also hire freelancers, such as virtual assistants, to handle administrative tasks. Support specialists are available to assist with support services, including data entry, inventory management and customer request processing.

In recent years, the BPO industry has seen a dramatic increase in its size. Many front-office tasks, such as customer service, technical support and sales, have been outsourced, and back-office support functions have also followed suit.

Recent research estimated that global businesses spend $230 billion in BPO management. This expenditure does not include front-office functions. It also includes back-office processes such as finance, payments and claims.

What are the Different Back-Office Departments being Outsourced?

You can outsource many back-office functions. Here are some examples of such tasks:

Data Entry

Data entry refers to the process of entering data into a computer using a digital format. There is more to data entry than you might realize.

This involves organizing and managing data. It can be tedious and repetitive so outsourcing data Entry may be the best option.

Accounting and Finance

The success of a business is based on its ability to generate revenue and make a profit. Maintaining a company's financial health and stability is crucial. Accounting is the key to managing your business finances.

You should outsource your finance and accounting to a reliable and trustworthy BPO provider. CPAs are certified public accountants who can handle, analyze and report on all financial transactions. To ensure accurate financial recording, outsourcing bookkeeping is recommended.

Human Resource and Recruitment Payroll

For efficient business operations, these three administrative functions must work together. HR is responsible for managing these employees.

Payroll also helps to calculate salaries and pay employees. These three services may be outsourced if there is a shortage of staffing or technology.


Marketing is responsible to promote your products and services. Marketing can take place offline (print, radio, or TV marketing), or online (digital marketing such as SEO, PPC and email marketing or content marketing). Your marketing should be outsourced to professionals.

Information Technology (IT) Support

IT support includes network management, software updates, hardware maintenance, and troubleshooting. IT professionals are required to perform this back-office function. This specialized work can be best outsourced.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Back Office Operations?

Recent research shows that the largest segment in the global BPO industry is back-office outsourcing. These submarkets include finance and accounting outsourcing, human resource outsourcing (HRO), as well as procurement outsourcing (PO).

Companies and organizations can outsource their back office operations for many reasons. Here are some benefits:


Cost-efficiency is the main advantage of outsourcing back-office support. It reduces labor and production costs. However, it also makes back-office work easier, more efficient, and more seamless. Back-office outsourcing services will ultimately help you to save money in the long term.

Access Experts and Resources

Back-office tasks require industry professionals and the most recent technology. IT support is technical knowledge and expertise in IT technology.

Consider marketing that requires digital marketers to have knowledge and skills in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and content marketing. Outsourcing can be the best solution for all of these requirements.

Streamlined Workflows & Optimized Processes

Third-party service providers with highly-trained workers and the most recent technology can streamline your back-office workflows, and help optimize the whole process.

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Outsourcing finance, for example, can connect your business with CPAs and certified public accountants (CPAs). They can also use accounting software and automate your accounting process to optimize it. They can help you take your business' finances to the next level.

The Core Functions

You should be a leader, CEO or manager and prioritize your core function to increase profits and grow your company. You shouldn't forget your back-office support.

If your employees are unable to handle the back-office work, outsourcing it to a trusted BPO provider could be the best option. You can then focus on your core competencies.

Scalability and Business Growth

Outsourcing your back-office support will bring you the greatest benefit: it will help your business grow. Your business will grow and prosper if you use a reliable, high-quality third-party service provider. Be selective when choosing the right BPO company for your business.

The Bottom Line

The back office is the heart of any business. It supports the front office in order to maintain continuous operations. It strengthens the business foundation to ensure that the front desk can fulfill customer needs.

Outsourcing is a great option to ensure a strong back-office department. Outsourcing can help with some back-office operations. This could include administrative tasks and support services. Outsourcing will not only reduce your business's costs but also give you access to the best talent and latest technology.

You can focus on your core business functions while a third-party service provider will optimize your workflows. Outsourcing your back-office support can help you scale up your business.