Email Marketing & Direct Mail Are The Best Ways To Find Leads For Your Business.


Email and Direct Mail can be seen as two different branches of the same tree. Both channels are caught in a different way, which limits the possibilities of how they can complement each other. Email and direct mail are not the same things, but they should be used in conjunction.

Let me first explain the difference between email and direct mail.

What's Email Marketing?

Email Marketing allows you to reach your target audience and promote your brand to increase sales. Email marketing can be used to sell products, share news, and update your audience on events. Email Marketing helps you connect with your audience and build strong relationships with prospects.

  • It greets new subscribers with a greeting card
  • It triggers an email based upon the contact clicks
  • It delivers the correct message to segmented contacts every time
  • It increases its reach by using powerful list-building tools
  • Email Marketing is Essential:
  • Email is the best channel for communication. More than 85% of customers check their emails daily.

Email marketing is more effective than traditional media in attracting customers. They spend 130% more on products they purchase than those who don't receive them. Email marketing has a greater ROI than social media. The average order value for an email is three times that of social media.

Let's also look at what direct mail is and how important it is

What's a direct mailing list?

Direct mailing lists are the core of any successful direct marketing campaign. This is a great way to reach out to prospects and grow your business. B2B businesses use direct marketing to build leads. They do this by using different marketing tactics, to reach the targeted audience. Although direct mailing lists can be costly and time-consuming to create, they are a great way to get the highest response rate and profit. It also helps you to create loyal customers and cost-effective leads. Start building your direct mailing lists to ensure maximum delivery rates and achieve success.

Direct mail is important for your company.

High Conversions It's a known fact that 95% of businesses can send mail within a day, and 75% might read it right away. Direct mail is an effective way to reach prospects. It allows you to avoid spam folders and puts your message in front of your audience, which can lead to high conversion rates.

Flexibility Direct mail is flexible and can be used for different purposes. You can use it as a promotional tool by sending coupons or vouchers. This is a new way for the company to increase sales.

Top marketing agencies agree that multi-channel marketing is always better than a single-channel campaign. You encourage users to combine their digital channels with direct mail campaigns to achieve a better result.

Direct mail vs. Email Response Rates:

Direct mail's revival is due in large part to the fact that mail sent through offline channels generates high response rates. The direct marketing association used transactional data from Epsilon and Bizo to analyze the statistics and found that direct mail had an average response rate of 4.4% compared with email's 0.12%.

Email is the best option for ROI. It is also less costly. Marketers can target prospects to get responses, rather than not spending as much. DMA calculated that email had a return on investment of $28.50, while direct mail was at $7.

Direct mail vs. Email marketing - They function as different channels

Direct mail is considered more modern than email. Email is seen as being contemporary and almost identical to direct mail. It is sometimes considered redundant to include both channels in a campaign. When they are seen as two separate mediums, they can be seen as one side of the same coin.

Prospects respond differently to email than direct mail. They read email when they're at work or outside. They don't feel the same way when receiving direct mail. Companies should approach them as different channels, but supplementary, to satisfy their needs.

Measure Your Response Rates with Personalized URLs:

A personalized URL is a landing page that is unique for each member of a marketing mailing list. As a way of driving audience members online, personalized URLs are often included in direct mail campaigns.

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The landing page displays personalized content when a campaign target opens the Personalized URL. It uses data from the marketing lists to display customized content. Each list member receives pre-filled forms, customized headlines, images, or other content. Each target's behavior is tracked and analyzed individually because each audience has its own PURLs.

Increase your response rates with both!

This comprehensive guide will help you achieve your business goals. The strategies above show that email and direct mail can be seen as two sides to the same coin, even though they are two completely different mediums.