How Indian BPOs Control Customer Experience Through Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is a new business operation that has entered the BPO industry. The rise of social media has led to major business names investing heavily in social media management. 

To keep up with their social media users, these businesses have begun to hire outsourcing services. bpo companies from india are now able to provide some of the best social media outsourcing services available.

social media can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

social media strategies should address customer issues and problems across all social media platforms. businesses are now focusing on outsourcing social media customer support operations, rather than older telephonic or email support processes. the best indian bpos offer superior customer service and are the best in the world.

i. personalized customer service

customers can voice their concerns on social media platforms. these customer problems are often made public. these customer challenges must be resolved and customers should have a positive, personalized experience.

today, the most efficient bpos are those that train their agents to understand their customers' profiles. agents will be able to solve problems more efficiently if they can understand the customer profile. this allows them to identify their pain points, preferences, and behaviors.

ii. workforce strength

even in india, where bpo and kpo processes are thriving in numbers, there is still a need for more workers. it can be difficult to provide customer satisfaction or resolve issues via social media. customers reach out to large businesses in high volumes because real-time communication can be channeled more directly. this is why there is a need for workforce expansion.

indian bpos have risen to the occasion and are willing to invest in infrastructure for a greater workforce. every minute, more customers are served by agents. some customers are satisfied enough to see action taken on their concerns. a large workforce will increase your customer satisfaction and help you to stay green.

iii. effective training modules

social media support plays a major role in client retention by training agents on all aspects of client expectations. indian bpos must ensure that their employees are constantly learning new skills to stay ahead of the curve.

there are many ways to provide customer support via social media. If you want to help your agents succeed, it is worth training them to communicate with customers simultaneously, give them what they want, and store sensitive information.

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iv. Utilising actionable data

As we have already mentioned, customer satisfaction can be improved by storing sensitive, actionable data from customer social media interactions. Agents should be able to access tools that enable them to view all customer interactions from one panel.

The best companies ensure that agents are properly trained in the use of these tools and also audit their performance to determine if they are performing well.