These are the Five Things You Need to Do To Make Your Digital Marketing Strategy a Winner


Two words can sum up the process of growing an e-commerce company: digital marketing. Companies place their ads wherever people are looking: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Social media campaigns that work are delivering major returns for brands. To see an increase in digital advertising revenue, you need more than a great product. 

Startups are losing money by creating poor ads and failing to analyze the metrics to reach their target audience.

These 5 tips will help you grow your revenue via digital marketing, whether you're just starting out or have trouble creating an effective campaign.

use relevant content

the days of big advertising budgets for companies are long gone. social ads today look less like tv commercials and more like organic content that anyone can create using an iphone and basic editing software. both large and small businesses use customer testimonial videos and/or shoot videos directly from their phones, adding subtitles and music, and then upload the content as an advertisement. this approach can lead to customer acquisitions if done correctly.

to find out what your audience likes, test different creative assets. video is a popular medium for social media, so it's a great place to begin. subtitles are a good idea since most people watch videos on mute.

social media has revolutionized the way that consumers communicate and how they respond to information. trends driven by users are here to stay. keep up with current trends so you can create content that consumers love. a trend that is popular on one platform, such as the popularity of tiktok videos featuring on-screen text, will likely spread to other social media platforms.

you don't want to spend large amounts on ads that don't work. market research and surveys are the best ways to identify your customers. next, test out potential audiences using facebook or instagram ads. your ad spending should be optimized by roas (return-on-ad spend) rather than cpa (cost per acquisition), cost per click (cost per click), or other metrics. this is the most efficient metric for your business. your website will bring in sales if it is user-friendly and the ads are appealing to your target audience.


when startups contact digital agencies, there are two possible outcomes. They find that most agencies charge at least $5k per month, not including the ad budget. This is why they can't proceed. They may also hire an agency to cut costs in other departments, but see little or no sales growth. While there are many great agencies that provide exceptional work and flexible pricing, new businesses need to be extra careful, especially when cash is tight.

Find someone who is familiar with your industry if you are looking to outsource. You won't get the best insight into your audience's behavior and trends if you choose a marketer who is not familiar with marketing pharmaceutical equipment.

Interview potential companies or individuals to determine if they are the right fit for you, your product, and your customers. To find out how past clients performed, call or email them.

Many marketers are now looking for new clients after the market changed due to Covid. You may prefer to work with a freelancer if this is the best option for you. Search for professionals on LinkedIn or Upwork to find the right person.

While you can watch videos and take online courses about digital marketing, consider whether it is more cost-effective to hire someone for this job. You can focus on other areas and grow your business with a skilled team.

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Get Involved

It doesn't necessarily mean that you are giving up control. Your business and your vision for it are more important than anyone. If you hire a company or person to assist with marketing and advertising, make sure you are clear about your brand's voice, tone, and aesthetic. However, you should also be open to new ideas and concepts. It is OK to say no to ideas that do not align with your vision. You always have the final word on what moves forward, regardless of whether you hire them for their expertise.

"Founders of companies that we work with participate in the revision process necessary to achieve the brand's vision and visual aesthetic. This requires a lot of collaboration between the founder and my team. Although creative chemistry is important, Misty Lam, social media manager, believes that a good exchange of ideas is crucial to the creation of a marketing strategy.

Create an Optimized Web Site

Startups often make a mistake when designing their websites. They don't realize that their website must be optimized for mobile and desktop devices. Within the first three seconds, most consumers will decide whether to stay on a website or go elsewhere. To keep customers interested, your product or service should be clearly written with compelling images and copy. It is important to have a basic understanding of SEO ( Search Engine Watch gives an easy-to-follow guide to understanding SEO) and to hire a specialist in Google optimization.

"When we reviewed our analytics, 60% of our traffic came from mobile. However, 78% of our revenue comes from desktops. This indicates that our website wasn't fully mobile-optimized. For easier navigation and faster product discovery, we added customer reviews to our products. "We also found that our website theme was slowing our page down, so we are changing it," Julia Broglie, founder of BroglieBox says.

Digital marketing is the best way to increase sales if you're selling or launching a product. To see which ads and content resonate with your audience, look at the content and ads posted by companies or competitors in your industry. Read the comments as you look at their content. Consumers have the most valuable insights. When your ROI is positive, increase incrementally your ad spending on the highest performing ads.

It is difficult to find the right agency or freelancer. Once you have found the right formula for your company, you can double your efforts to reap the financial benefits.