How Customer Service Support Can Assist With Sales Leads?


Major call center companies have contributed significantly to the company's revenue generation. The company has made profits through telemarketing and customer service call centers.

Almost all technical support calls use the term Up-selling.When a customer calls with a question, a call center agent may pitch additional products. A customer might call for technical assistance, but not for the product. No matter the reason for the call, the agent may pitch a product to solve the customer's problem.

A simple extension of the warranty is considered upselling. This selling strategy has allowed many companies to increase their profits and has also helped customer support call centers finance themselves.

Customers call the company with their consent to have their information collected. The agent would then inform them that they would be receiving product updates via email or telephone calls. These leads are used by telemarketers and sales agents to contact customers to inform them about new products or other promotions.

Front-end services are the best source of any information or data to generate sales leads. The company benefits from training agents and teaching them how to self-advertise products. The company speaks for itself through agents. This is far more effective than advertising commercials that hype up products. Agents can address any customer concerns and provide details.

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Before an agent pitches a product, there are certain aspects to keep in mind.

  • Without the consent of the customer, do not collect any personal information.
  • First, listen to the customer
  • Agents should only pitch a product if there is a resolution.
  • Don't force customers to purchase products. Do not force a customer to buy products if he doesn't want to.
  • Remember that a customer calls for assistance, not to buy a product. Agents must be attentive to customers and provide solutions.