How The Customer Service Centers Have Evolved From The Past?


In the past 10 to 15 years, the services offered by call centers have experienced a dramatic turnaround.

No longer are call centers traditional places. They have become more like a a'sweatshop' with many people talking on their phones. Now, call centers can be called contact centers because they have many communication channels.

Let's look at a comparison guide to see how customer service through call centers has changed over the past decade.

  • Use of Technology

Call center services have been a major influencer of technology in almost all sectors.

Today, call centers are closely associated with a variety of software such as CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), etc. This software helps to provide better customer service.

Customers can also use Skype chats and live chats to communicate with each other.

  • Hours

The customer support services used to be a 9-5 job. Customers who had problems beyond that could wait until the next day.

You can now outsource your call center services and your customers will receive better service 365*24*7. This eliminates the need for customers to wait, and it also means that there is no loss of business.

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  • Centre Of Interaction

A dedicated call center cell within the organization was the center of customer interaction. It could be located in or outside the main location. It was often a section of the same organization.

However, as of now, customer-handling agents can be located anywhere in the world. This allows global customers to easily contact the (outsourced) customer support team.

  • Flexibility

The problem was that the customer service representatives were often unavailable during peak hours when there was high call volume.

They also had to manage their representatives when the volume was low.

They no longer need to hire customer-handling staff. Instead, they can outsource their call center to a dedicated agency that will manage customers during peak hours or when call volumes are relatively low.

  • The Size of the Business

Call centers used to be a luxury for large business companies that could afford them.

However, startups now have the option to choose from a variety of cheap packages for small business call center services and can handle customers from anywhere in the world.

The customer service or call center has seen a tremendous rise in the past. they have helped customers resolve problems with their products and services.

This sweet turnaround means that outsourcing call centers can be a huge time- and money-saver for both the customer and the organization.