Topmost 5 Platforms for Freelancing Graphic Designer Jobs


The revolution of work from home has transformed the way we work and generate income. Freelancing can bring in a decent income, despite the fact that it is not common.

 Nearly 35% of the US workforce were freelancers in 2016. In countries with low daily incomes, people are shifting to freelancing. This opens up opportunities for both outsourcing companies and skill-holders. Freelancing was first introduced in 2000. However, it wasn't easy to hire someone virtually, trust their work ethic, and make secure transactions. Trust between two people was only possible through a long-term relationship. However, technology has changed everything. 2020 is all about making money from freelancing and working remotely.

This article will share the top five freelancing platforms that offer secure transactions and creative opportunities to skilled workers all over the world.

Upwork is a new platform for freelancers. It is a popular choice among freelancers around the world. The company was formed from the merger of Elance and oDesk, which now employs more than 10,000,000 freelancers for more than 4,000,000 clients. Freelancers can use Upwork to get work opportunities by creating professional portfolios and profiles that highlight their talents and skills. It allows its members to communicate and close deals with clients. Clients can post their requirements on the platform and then choose freelancers who match their training and experience.

There are many opportunities on Upwork for graphic designers. However, Upwork has its drawbacks. Many new freelancers are subject to high competition and under pressure to earn credibility points. The above data shows that Upwork employs 10 million freelancers, but only 4 million clients. This clearly shows the high level of competition that can eventually lead to low salaries.

99Designs This platform is great for freelancers who are skilled in different areas of web and graphic design. 99Designs allows clients to create a custom project, and then the site will make them available worldwide for other designers. You can win a project here, but it is highly competitive. Applying not only prepares you for job searches but also opens you up to other talents.

Flexjobs There is over 50 job categories available that can be used to find gigs or designers at different levels. Flexjobs allows freelancers to reduce time and effort by screening jobs before they are posted. Flexjobs currently hosts over 20,000 job postings for digital nomads and work-at-home workers. The company's goal is to eliminate the hassle of finding remote and flexible jobs.

AwesomeWeb – This is a platform for developers and graphic designers. Awesomeweb reviews the portfolios of interested freelancers before they are allowed to apply for any job. This is a positive thing because it keeps the quality high and the work neat. This is a competitive market and those with better skills and qualifications will be given priority.

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Fiverr Another great platform for freelancers is Fiverr, which targets micro-jobs and not just the whole of graphic designing. Fiverr is a great place to start if you're a beginner who feels overwhelmed by Upwork or Awesome web. A few of the jobs include editing images in Photoshop and designing Facebook ads. These are just a few examples of how a beginner can get started with freelancing.

This article is intended to be helpful to freelancers who are looking for remote jobs, as well as clients who need qualified freelancers with knowledge of the available platforms. These are just a few of the many freelance opportunities that exist today, but they were not available to me and my colleagues a few years ago.