Incredible Ways of Using Email Marketing to get Real Results


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing allows businesses to share information with potential customers through direct marketing channels such as sales or new products. Email marketing has evolved beyond mass mailings. Modern email marketing is wider than mass mailings.

Different Types of Marketing Emails

Emails may be informative, promotional, or specific to the buyer's journey.

Promotional Emails

Promote special offers, new product launches, and other gated valuable content with successful email marketing campaigns. CTA stands for clear call-to-action in promotional emails. You could visit a page or use a coupon code to purchase. It may be necessary to send these emails more often, depending on your business's branding, marketing, and sales schedules.

Multiple promotional emails may be sent during critical periods like Black Friday. Promotional campaigns may take several weeks during slower periods of the marketing schedule.

Informational Emails

Newsletters: Newsletters share news about your company, such as new milestones or product capabilities. A newsletter allows you to share your thoughts and insights with your audience.

Announcements Emails are a great way to inform customer retention about company announcements, product launches, and service changes. Email can be used to communicate important information.

Reengagement Emails

Another important email is the Re-Engagement email. This email helps to reconnect customers or subscribers who last got active a while ago.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email is not a new technology. This was, in fact, the first form of digital communication. Email marketing is still being used today, 50 years after its creation. Email marketing campaigns can be more personal than social media. Small businesses will love email marketing.

Email marketing platforms can be powerful and lucrative because they give you direct access to your audience's inboxes.

Take a look at these numbers:

  • 99.9% of email users check their email at least once per day.
  • 62% of consumers ranked email as their preferred communication channel with small businesses.
  • 59% said marketing emails had influenced them in their purchasing decision.

Email Marketing: The Advantages

Emails are vital for managing and growing your business. They can be used to confirm orders or send newsletters.

Email marketing can achieve three key goals:

Sales of your Products and Services

Are they promoting sales? You can also send an email campaign to your subscribers. To improve conversion rates, these email marketing strategies can be used:

  • Personalized coupons or special offers for subscribers' birthdays/anniversaries, in welcome emails, and as a way to re-engage your audience.
  • The abandoned cart is triggered when a visitor adds a product to their cart but doesn't check out.

Brand Awareness

Email can be a great way for people to contact them. A space that's been curated by favourite brands and publications. A personalized email marketing campaign will help your brand stay relevant. Email marketing offers many advantages, including the ability to scale.

Customer Loyalty

Email builds customer loyalty during all stages of the buyer's journey, including conversion and leads nurturing, onboarding, and retention.

It's a powerful way to build a community. We have discussed how to build customer relationships using email.

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How do I create a Marketing Message?

Now that you've started to build your contacts list, it's time for you to create relevant content.

How do you Create an Email Marketing Strategy?

Think about what you want to achieve with your first email marketing campaign. This will help you to define your effective email marketing strategy.

  • Promotion of a new product
  • Loyal customers get a discount
  • Getting more downloads for your latest ebook
  • Subscribers kept up to date with company news

You have the option to set goals or broaden them. It doesn't matter what your purpose is; it will help create better email content. Email design doesn't have to be difficult or technical. A drag-and-drop editor can help you create professional-looking marketing campaigns. It doesn't mean you must be an expert at creating fancy, elaborate emails.

Save Time

Professionals and beginners can use email marketing templates to create memorable emails.

Strategies for Email Marketing Success

This section will discuss strategies and best practices in email marketing.

  • Don't Buy Email Lists

Building an email list can be time-consuming, especially for those just starting. Buying an email mailing list is a bad idea.

Your company is at risk when you buy a list.

  • Unsolicited emails are more likely to get marked spam by people. This could cause damage to your reputation and even put you on an email blocklist.
  • Email marketing companies will not work with you if the purchased lists affect the delivery of users who use shared IP addresses.

Don't buy email lists. Even though it may take time, you'll reap the benefits in the long term by building your email list organically.

  • Use Double Opt-In

We have already mentioned that opt-in is signing up for an email marketing service.

  1. One opt-in is when a subscriber has been added after completing the signup forms.
  2. Double opt-in You send confirmation emails with a link. Subscribers will only receive emails from you if they can verify their identity.

Double opt-in allows potential subscribers to add their names to your list. It's essential for email deliverability. Double opt-in removes misspelt emails that could lead to a hard bounce. This can be used to prove consent and block spam traps. Double opt-in is the best way for email marketing to be more effective.

  • Segment your Mailing List

Your email list will likely include a range of buyer profiles as it expands. This is a method of segmenting your subscribers based on similar traits. It's used to send targeted emails to subscribers. Contact lists can be segmented based on demographic information like age and location. Segmentation is made simpler by adding subscribers to other lists at signup.

  • Personalization

Customers appreciate brands that care for small details and make them feel valued. Email marketing is the same. Personalization is key to building relationships with prospects and customers.

These simple tips will increase your email personalization and click-through rates.

  • Use subscribers' first names in your subject line and content.
  • Consider the time zones in which your bulk subscribers are located to maximize your chances of being read.
  • Segment contacts are used to ensure messages are relevant and targeted.
  • You can track the customer's interactions with your product/service using Behavior-triggered emails.
  • Optimize your Email Subject, Sender Name, and Preview Text

A subject line is an important part of any email marketing campaign. These words could make or break an email's opening. There are so many emails these days. You can make people curious and want more with just a few words.

  • Limit the subject line to 50 characters
  • Highlight your most compelling offer.
  • Appealing to the ambitions of your subscribers
  • A/B Test your Email Marketing Content

What subject to choose? What does your audience like? A/B testing can help you determine the content that your audience loves. Test different subject lines, content formats, and CTAs to find the most engaging, then adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Optimize Email Deliverability

Email delivery is key to email marketing success. Email marketers must ensure that their emails are delivered on time. It is the ability to provide an email to the inbox. If all goes well, the email will pass the spam filters and reach its destination. Otherwise, the spam folder will receive it. Worse, your ISP might block your sender IP.

Delivery is often affected by technical factors. There are many other ways to ensure your newsletters get to their inbox.

These best practices in delivery are

  • Avoid making your email too promotional or spammy If a contact believes your email is spammy, it will affect your deliverability rate.
  • Keep your subscriber lists up-to-date by removing unengaged and inactive contacts.
  • Only send to subscribers who have opted in. Someone may report you as spam if you send them emails.

Always include an Unsubscribe link. Under the GDPR (European's data protection regulation), individuals can manage how their data is used.

  • Regularly Clean your Email List

Keep your database up-to-date for optimal email delivery and higher engagement rates. Do you have subscribers that have stopped contacting you? If so, send a reactivation message to them. It's also possible to request a second signup. Remove subscribers if you don't get engagement.

Although losing subscribers isn't something anyone wants, email list cleaning will increase your deliverability. A second important point: Let people unsubscribe quickly with a visible unsubscribe button. If they don't know how to get out,

The above explains why a good rate to unsubscribe is 0.5.

  • Keep Track of your Email Marketing Metrics

An analysis of key email marketing metrics will help you improve your strategy.

  • Open rate: The ratio of the total number of people who opened your email to the total number.
  • Click-Through Rate: This shows the ratio of click-through rates for your email to total recipients.
  • Unsubscribe rate: Total unsubscribers divided by total recipients.
    • Rate of bounce: The sum and number of emails not delivered divided by the total number. Soft Bounces may be caused by temporary issues, such as the recipient's full inbox.
    • Permanent issues: an inactive email account can cause hard bounces.

Ways to Increase your Email Automation and Autoresponders

After you've mastered the basics, automate email marketing strategies to help your business grow faster. Autoresponders are the simplest form of email automation.

Autoresponders send personalized emails to buyers at different stages of their buyer journey. Subscribers can be contacted even if they aren't physically present to send the email. The Welcome email is the most well-known example of an autoresponder, and almost all email marketing companies offer one.

With the right email marketing software, you can make complex email automation sequences using if/then/else logic.

How do I Create an Email Campaign?

Campaigns are centred around enrollment and conversion. Engagement is the key. If you want your leads to become customers, you must determine which email campaigns to send.

Tap Into Your Buyer Personas

Every company should have buyer personas. More information about:

  • Position title
  • Industry
  • Pain points
  • Job expectations/functions
  • Budget
  • To whom do they report?

Use personas to understand your audience better and inform the content you create to support your campaigns.

Create High-Quality Content

Content is what powers your emails. You will need to consider buyer journeys and personas when creating this content.

Segment Your Lists

You should send a different email message to everyone. Why? Personalization makes a lead feel happier, which can lead to a positive buying experience.

Improve your Email Open Rates

This section matters because your email list will be closed despite all your hard work. Many factors influence whether or not your emails get opened.

  • Avoid Spam Filters

The most common problem is when an email goes to spam. This is an excellent starting point for you.

These top email marketing tips will help you avoid your emails getting lost in spam folders.

  • Make sure all recipients have signed up to receive your emails. This point must be made.
  • Send your email campaign using a reliable IP address.
  • Verified domains can be used to send emails
  • Keep your email template code clean.
  • Use merge tags to personalize your email campaign's "To:" field.
  • Let subscribers learn how to allow emails, and ask them to add you to their address book.
  • Do not use "salesy language." These are trigger words like "buy," "clearance," "discount," and "clearance."
  • Do not "bait-and-switch" using deceptive subject lines.
  • Include your location.
  • Allow subscribers to unsubscribe from your email easily.

Most of this can be handled by a reputable email marketing strategy.

  • To Keep Your List Fresh, remove Inactive Subscribers

It's important to keep your email list current. You may have lost contact with someone, or they are not interested in your brand. Inactive subscribers can be removed to ensure your list is current and engaged. You should send another email campaign before you delete them. After some people respond, all subscribers are removed.

Keep your subscribers' information current by checking in with them from time to time to see if there are any changes or updates.

  • Perfect your Timing

Timing is crucial in determining whether or not your subscribers open your emails and how many convert. Consider when and where your emails will be sent.

It is only sometimes possible to find the right time for your campaign. To see the best time frames for your campaign, you can do some A/B testing and then look into these options in future campaigns.

  • Make your Subject Line Stand Out

Subject lines have a significant impact on email clicks and open rates. You need to ensure that your subject lines are memorable.

These are some ideas for creating great email subject lines

  • Encourage curiosity but be clear and concise
  • Use numbers. Numbers draw the eye.
  • Use a friendly, conversational tone.
  • Use the same language and style with your subscribers when you speak with friends.
  • One Person can Reach You through Your Letter

It is normal to think of the thousands who will receive your message and subject line. It is much easier to communicate with people than you write. Get to know your buyer's personality.

To request a chat for five minutes, send an email. Questions can be asked to help you understand your unlimited subscribers' needs and thoughts. Spend a few days with your subscribers to reap the benefits of email marketing. This will allow you to improve your message and create or improve your products and services.

  • Write Like a Friend

Think like a friend. When you write emails, this is the best way for subscribers to open and click on your messages. An example of a corporate phrase is "We offer savings for our customers!" It can seem distant or stuffy.

This personalizes your email and makes it less likely that recipients will delete your message and move on to the next. Remember that people seek reasons to ignore your emails in the information age. If you can reach out to them individually, your chances of them opening your email are higher.

  • Create Amazing Content Every Time

Subscribers might believe that opening an email from you is winning the war. The content of your email can influence how open rates are. Subscribers happy with your emails' personalised content marketing will open them more often. They may also unsubscribe. How do you make sure your subscribers love your emails? The answer is simple: Make it great.

Link to incredibly valuable resources such as a free ebook or blog post. It is crucial to make sure you send only emails to send. Your open rates will increase.

  • Inject Some Humor

Humour is a way to make people feel connected.

What happens if you aren't funny? Sometimes it can be hard to be funny or clever when you have to work within the parameters of an email subject. Humorous emails don't have to be funny. Knowing your recipients will make writing a joke or cheeky comment easier.

  • Optimize for Mobile

Mobile email accounts account for 67% of all email openings. This depends on the type and type of email, target audience, product, and email type. Mobile optimization should be a priority for all mobile users.

Your email should look responsive and include easily-loadable media. Shorter subject lines might be deleted.

These are just some of the top email marketing tips that appeal to mobile users.

  • Keep the formatting simple (one column) and below 600px in width
  • Use a larger font. Mobile devices cannot read small fonts.
  • Images don't appear by default on Android. It should look good with ideas.
  • Use smaller images to reduce load time
  • Use large call to actions buttons. It's easier to tap larger buttons using a thumb.
  • Place up to one hyperlink next to or above another. To avoid accidental taps,

These marketing tips can help you achieve higher open rates for campaigns. Keep going even if your campaign doesn't improve immediately.

Email marketing can be both an art form and a science. You should be open to new strategies and see which ones work for you and your email subscribers.

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Email marketing can be a cost-effective and widely-used way to promote your business via email. Email marketing does not replace other marketing activities but can be used to build customer loyalty. If you are looking for effective ways of using email marketing for your business to get real-time results, the expert marketing consultants in Live Help India can help set up to boost your business growth. 

Readers will remember your brand's content. This is true, especially if readers follow your advice and find it helpful. However, email marketing can have lower risks and higher profitability if you plan well and execute well. Your company's success rate will rise as a result.