[QUIZ] Do You Need a Virtual Receptionist for Your Business?


Your business can build and strengthen relationships with customers by answering their calls whenever they call. A great Customer Experience means that you can satisfy your customer's needs efficiently and make them feel valued.

Virtual receptionist services are not the same thing as answering phones. Both services handle customer calls. LiveHelpIndia Connect is a virtual receptionist service that works in conjunction with your business. They are experts and can provide exceptional customer service for your company.

Your team can concentrate on your growth areas by handling customer calls professionally and personally without having to hire additional staff.

Benefits of working with LiveHelpIndia Connect:

  1. Never miss another call
  2. Hours of custom answering
  3. Spanish-English bilingual receptionists
  4. Voicemail solutions
  5. Appointment scheduling
  6. Callers get immediate answers to their FAQs
  7. Processes for client intake that are customized to your company
  8. Unlimited users
  9. You can save 13+ hours per week on answering phone calls
  10. Customer service can be improved for your business
  11. Increase your phone conversion rate

If your customers call after-hours, no one answers the phone. If your staff is unable to reach the customer or are unable to give the customer the attention they need, callers may not convert as well as they should. This can have a negative impact on a company's customer relations as well as its bottom line.

After learning about the many benefits of virtual receptionist services, you may be asking yourself, "Does my company need one?" Our team has created a quick quiz with 10 questions that will help you answer this question.


  1. How many phone calls did you miss in one week?
    1. I answer all calls promptly.
    2. Perhaps 1-5 calls per week
    3. Calls up to 5 per week
  2. How many voicemail messages are you able to store in your inbox?
    1. No calls ever reach my inbox
    2. About 1-5 voicemail messages
    3. My inbox is full
  3. How fast can you call back voicemail messages or missed calls?
    1. N/A, I never miss a call
    2. Usually, within 2 to 3 business days
    3. I don't have the time to listen or reply
  4. How would you rate customer service on a scale of 1-10?
    1. 9-10; Our customer service is world-class
    2. 4-8; Our customer service is excellent, but sometimes we fall behind.
    3. 0-4; customer service is not our priority
  5. Do you receive calls 24/7? Do you answer calls round the clock?
    1. We never miss a call
    2. Yes, we answer calls 24 hours a day.
    3. Yes; we do a terrible job at answering calls 24/7
  6. How many hours per week do you spend calling unimportant business calls on the phone?
    1. We work less than 2 hours per week
    2. 2-10 hours/week
    3. 10+ hours/week
  7. How many calls do your employees miss in a single week?
    1. We answer all calls promptly
    2. 1-5 calls/week
    3. Calls up to 5 per week
  8. How many hours per week do your employees spend calling business calls and not answering the phones?
    1. We work less than 3 hours per week
    2. 3-12 hours/week
    3. 12+ hours/week
  9. Are your employees trained to professionally answer phones?
    1. Yes, our staff has been trained to deliver an exceptional customer experience
    2. We are kind of kidding. Our staff isn't trained, but they do a great job.
    3. Our staff isn't trained and provide poor Customer Service.
  10. Is your front-office staff constantly "underwater?"
    1. They are on top of their work and never miss deadlines.
    2. They are busy, but they don't feel under constant pressure.
    3. Yes, our staff is always on the move.

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Analysis Questions and Answers

You can choose...

  1. Option A 8 or more: Because you already do a great job, you don't need a virtual receptionist.
  2. Option B: Consider using live virtual receptionist services to help your business. Although you are trying to improve Customer Service and Experience, there is still room for improvement.
  3. Option C twice or more: Hire a virtual receptionist immediately! Your business is missing many opportunities to convert customers, and your staff is having a hard time keeping up!

Businesses often miss phone calls due to a lack of staff. Missed calls are either ignored or left in the answering machine hoping that someone will return them. If staff don't receive the proper training, they might not be able to convert customers.

If you chose either B or C, download our visual reference to virtual receptionists and Contact Me to speak to a member of our team.

Since your business may be doing fine without our services, we don't want to sell them our services. Our goal is make a difference to our clients. This means that we work with those who can benefit the most from our virtual receptionist services.

We can be flexible so we can take care of all your calls as a virtual receptionist service. Let's say you have already employed receptionists and need an additional hand. We can help them with routine calls and add to their workload. We make sure you are covered for all your needs and ensure you never miss a chance to work with a customer.