7 Stats that Show "Live Chat" is the New Frontier of Customer Support


Customer support via live chat seems to be a new trend. Live chat is convenient and cheaper than traditional support channels. It also has higher customer satisfaction rates.

Are you offering 'live chat' to customers as a customer service channel?

73% of live chat customers are satisfied with the customer service channel. Live chat is a great channel for customer service and should be included in your customer support program.

These stats prove live chat's importance as a customer support channel.

63% of customers stated that they are more likely to visit a website with live chat.

Your customers will be more satisfied if you have a live chat widget on their website. Your visitors can use live chat to quickly get answers to their questions and keep them on your website for longer periods.

73% of customers feel satisfied with live chat.

Live chat is fast and convenient for customer service. Live chat scores 73% higher than email (61% and 44% respectively).

44% of customers want a live chat specialist when making an online purchase.

You can be available for customers during a purchase via live chat. Customers want it too. According to Forrester, 44% of customers cited live chat as one of the most important services a company could offer during online purchases.

79% of consumers prefer live chat due to the convenience it offers.

Live chat is a convenient way for customers to reach customer service quickly and easily.

The average live chat resolution time is 42 seconds.

77% of customers won't buy if they don't have live chat support.

This means that a significant number of customers won't purchase from your website if you don't offer live chat. It's important to include live chat in your customer support strategy.

42% prefer live chat to avoid waiting on hold.

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Consumers hate waiting! 60% of consumers have ended business relationships with companies because of long wait times on the phone. They prefer live chat to other communication channels.

Live chat allows customer service representatives to respond to customers using a variety of templates. This saves time and increases productivity.


Live chat is now the most popular channel for customer service. Live chat is preferred by consumers because it saves time and is more convenient than other channels.

Live chat not only offers benefits to customers but can also save you money and time on customer service.

It can be difficult to establish live chat customer support in your own company, despite all the benefits. For a few hundred dollars, you can outsource your live chat support.

You should offer live chat support for your customers. You can also try the\our customer service software, which will automate and scale customer support.