BPO Services( Fusion) In India- Providing A Superior CX Service


Fusion BPO Services was founded in India in 2004. It has seen rapid growth and has been able to establish a niche in the BPO market for 18 years.

 Fusion BPO Services is now present in 25 countries, catering to the many outsourcing requirements of various industries, including travel, hospitality, technology, new-age business, and more. Fusion has helped clients in every industry it serves by providing a superior CX service.

Let's take a look at six of the positive effects Fusion has had on their client's businesses.

An extended group:

As an extension of the client's team, we work with them. Integrating seamlessly with your existing team allows us to deliver better service. We can work closely with you to learn about your business and your customers' needs. We can help you create a CX delivery plan that fits your business and allows you to provide superior customer service in every interaction.

Superior CX delivery:

Customer service is a key business differentiation. Recent research shows that 96% of customers consider customer service important when choosing to remain loyal to a brand. 84% of companies that improve customer service report increased revenue. A superior customer experience is essential for business success. Fusion understands this. Fusion understands this and strives to provide high-quality customer service across all channels.

Our multi-channel and Omnichannel call center strategy allows for superior customer service in more than 40 languages. This ensures prompt and accurate query resolution, proactive communication, and much more. All these factors result in higher customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and lower customer attrition.

Compliance and Quality:

Fusion BPO Services India is very concerned about quality and compliance. We understand that BPOs cater to different industries around the world and have to comply with different regulations depending on their location. Fusion BPO Services has several certifications that help clients in various industries comply with regulations. These certifications include:

1. SOC2

2. SOC3

3. ISO27001

4. ISO27002



The astringent quality control process is also in place to help us identify and correct performance gaps and errors quickly. Our AI and speech-to-text technology allow us to audit 100% of calls and provide accurate feedback to improve the process.

Adding great value and efficiency to the processes:

Businesses must constantly improve their customer experience strategy to cater to changing customer needs and behavior. They need an outsourcing partner that can deliver flexible CX services capable of providing a personalized customer service delivery.

We have over 30 years of experience in customer service and have developed omnichannel CX delivery systems that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and customers. These models include a variety of highly personalized contact center services in more than 40 languages. Our state-of-the-art training equips agents for any type of interaction. This training helps agents ensure customer satisfaction and adds value to the client's business processes.

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Today, companies don't see the value in hiring top call center companies if they have to spend a lot. This reduces the value of the services as well as impacts the client's cost-effectiveness.

Fusion BPO Services in India, on the other hand, provides top-quality customer service at extremely competitive prices. It allows companies to provide superior customer service without increasing the cost of products and services. We also provide excellent customer experiences that help clients retain customers and increase revenues through repeat purchases. This allows companies to have a cost-effective outsourcing experience while maintaining high quality.

Digital transformation

Fusion BPO Services in India has incorporated the power of AI with automation to improve customer engagement and provide better services. We have increased agent efficiency, performance, quality assurance, and agent productivity with the help of AI and machine learning. Additionally, we have reduced performance gaps and minimized manual errors in all processes. Our service delivery has been greatly improved, with superior CX delivered at every interaction.


Fusion, a world-renowned BPO service provider, aims to create a future that is exceptional in customer satisfaction and business growth. We have the perfect combination of tech and human interaction to achieve that goal. This allows us to provide high-quality customer service and support our clients. It also helps them achieve business success.