5 Common Challenges Faced By Call Centers & How To Fix Them


Each call center manager must balance many different things daily. These include managing customer expectations, accommodating changing customer needs, and managing attrition problems for the center.

 2018 saw 80.6 percent of businesses believe that low budgets hinder call center growth. Managers need to find cost-effective solutions to call center problems to avoid any long-term negative effects. This article will identify and address the top five contact center problems every call center faces.

Top 5 Call Center Problems and Solutions

1. High Attrition rate

Call centers are at risk of losing their staff, just like other mass recruiters. Call center jobs are highly disliked due to the lack of benefits, cramped spaces, and customer service. many agents aren't interested in staying in the field for longer periods because of these factors. according to linkedin, call center jobs are not desirable due to their low salaries. aspiring agents find the monotonous nature of the job and lack of a learning curve very discouraging. Call center workers are often dissatisfied with their jobs, burn out quickly, and have a rapid turnover rate.

How to Fix Call Center Attrition

Recognize and Reward

Call center agents are not likely to communicate with their supervisors to discuss their performance or progress. Agents who are already stressed by not being acknowledged for their outstanding work can be discouraged. Agent-manager relationships are strengthened by acknowledging and rewarding their outstanding work. Managers create an environment that encourages growth and provides a safe space for agents.

Training and Control

Agents must be able to communicate well and build customer trust to make the most of their skills. Managers should look beyond traditional training methods to increase their agents' efficiency. Your agents should be taught to communicate in a customer-centric, long-term manner.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Call centers receive between 20 and 30 percent of calls due to unresolved issues. Even though most unhappy customers don't call back and leave, it is important to take care of those who do call. These issues can be resolved in a single phone call. This increases customer satisfaction and helps retain valuable clients. These issues can be very damaging to a company if they are not addressed properly. To compensate for one bad review, you'll need seven positive reviews. Customers value fast resolutions and excellent after-sales services. They also appreciate loyalty. Companies cannot afford to ignore this aspect.

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Customer Satisfaction in Call Centres

IVR Facilities

Interactive voice response allows you to provide personalized chat experiences that increase customer satisfaction. You can use IVR to collect all information and analyze the issue before assigning it to an agent. The agent at the call center can then access the information and start to resolve the problem faster. Agents can reduce the time it takes to resolve issues and handle a greater number of calls. You can also use advanced systems to prioritize high-value customers and decrease their waiting times.

Customer Surveys

To identify any gaps in your call center processes, seek feedback from customers. You can shine a light on your customers and gain valuable insight into their products, services, or agents.

Review your KPIs

Your KPIs should be aligned with your larger customer satisfaction goal. It can backfire on your resolution goals if you set strict deadlines for employees to complete the call. Instead, focus on metrics that enhance the customer experience.

3. Need for Better Technology

63 percent of call centers think chatbots and virtual assistants can improve customer experience. Technology such as predictive dialers, CRM databases, and workforce management tools (WFM) is key to enabling contact centers to thrive. The growth of your call center can be hindered by not updating this infrastructure. It is often difficult for managers to choose the right technology. To provide a complete solution, each new technology must be integrated with existing systems. It is crucial to integrate these tools seamlessly to improve your call center services.

Technology to Enhance Call Center Performance

Make sure you understand the pros and cons of each tool before deciding on technology. It is also important to determine if the tool will work with your existing technology. Make sure you are clear about your requirements and do not compromise on the essentials. Cloud services are a great option for faster integration and more reliable service.

4. Conflicting Business Priorities

One call center might have several priorities that contradict one another. Senior management must decide which goal is more important. They must also communicate these data effectively with operators. You could, for example, focus on customer satisfaction or cost-cutting. These goals can often be contradictory, so it can confuse agents.

Conflict Management in a Call Center

Your senior managers should make a priority listing in order of importance. You should also align your services with the values and focuses of other departments. This will ensure that all customers have a consistent experience. Once you have created the list, remove any contradictory priorities or ill-defined goals that are not in line with your organization's goals. Next, designate the appropriate authorities within the company to ensure that operations are in line with these business priorities.

5. It's difficult to boost performance

Call centers must meet their goals and provide the best service to their clients. You eventually reach a comfortable level and you realize that your staff needs to be better. Most managers don't know what to do to improve the performance of their staff.

How to Boost Agent Performance at Call Centers

Reward good behavior

A reward system can be a great way for your employees to grow and improve their efficiency. To motivate your agents, you can use metrics that indicate difficulty levels. Find out what motivates your team and then use that information to motivate them.

Enhance your Quality Assurance Software

You can monitor, train, and motivate agents with the same dashboard thanks to efficient software. You can use its unique insights to identify areas for improvement and tailor your training.


When addressing contact center operational issues, remember to empower your agents and your technology. Customer satisfaction is certain.