Top 5 Tips to Create Customer-Oriented Product Description


A well-written product description is essential for any eCommerce website. This is the only way to increase sales. Your sales will be affected if the product description isn't written correctly or not understood properly by your customers.

 Your customers won't be convinced to buy from your store. According to some, production descriptions can influence purchasing decisions.

A product description describes the features and uses for a product that is sold online. You can also include other important things that will make your product description stand out and convince. When writing product descriptions, be careful. You should consider hiring  copywriting services if you have the skills and experience to write product descriptions. Copywriters are skilled in creating marketing materials that drive sales.

We have compiled a list of points that every business owner should consider in order to increase sales. These are some tips to consider when writing a production description.

Use the 5W formula

Experts have defined the 5W formula as "Who, What, Where and When" This means that you must address the five most important elements of your description. These questions/elements should be answered in a maximum of two sentences. Reading will be easier with shorter sentences. This will increase conversion rates.

The 5W formula includes the following:

  1. Who is the intended customer of the product?
  2. What specifications are there for the product?
  3. Which product should I use?
  4. When should you use the product?
  5. Why should you use the product?

You need to describe the product benefits

People are more interested in the product benefits than product features. They want to know how the product will help them. They don't care about the product's features, but they do want to know if it is beneficial to them. You should also describe the product's benefits.

You need to pick the most important features of the product, and then explain how they will benefit customers' lives. Before you write the benefits, think about what it will mean. This will allow you to write a compelling description.

Tell a story

A compelling product description should tell a story. This will attract customers' attention and help you drive more sales. Customers will be able to see the product in their minds. Customers will be able to picture themselves owning the item. The product description can be enhanced with a story.

You should create a fun scene when you describe a story. Your story should make the customer feel. You should also use natural and simple language.

Keep the description brief and to-the-point

Customers may not be technically literate or have the vocabulary necessary to comprehend your product description. Your customers shouldn't need to know the entire description and terms. Keep it brief and concise.

Each major feature should be described with a single benefit. This is because the brief description will be simple to read and scan.

Use a bulleted format

Bullet points make it easy to understand the content and are easy to read. The context of the content is not necessary for readers to comprehend. The same format should be used when you write descriptions for your brand.

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A bulleted product description saves space and makes it easy to scan. Customers who are in a hurry will find it easier to research products. The most important thing is to not include more than ten points within the description. You will create an unneeded long list.

Writing product descriptions is a tactical process. A single mistake in the product description could have a significant impact on your customers' decision-making. We recommend hiring professional copywriting services to get better results.