Ten Trends in Email Marketing for 2022


Email marketing is one of the most effective and necessary forms of marketing. It is a way to reach your target audience and convert website visitors into paying customers. Email marketing is becoming a vital part of every industry. However, it is essential to learn and follow the top email marketing trends to ensure your campaigns are successful.

Email Micro-segmentation

This is an advanced, specialized type of email user segmentation. Called "micro-segmentation," this technique provides you with even more detailed insights into the behaviors of your target users and consumers.

Companies are now collecting more data about their target audience. They then use this data to tailor marketing emails to their needs and preferences. Email micro-segmentation can be used for your email body copy, headlines, calls to action, and other details.

This tip will help you stand out in a competitive market or niche. Your brand will be more connected to potential customer engagement if your email marketing tools are more targeted.

A CRM can help you personalize your marketing emails by ensuring that relevant content is delivered to your customer journey through "mico segmentation" or just "segmentation."

Integrating your campaigns with actionable CRM content will allow you to combine sales and marketing data. This will reduce administrative tasks so your teams can focus on executing your campaigns.

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(More) Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is important because half of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. Brands will likely further optimize their email for mobile viewing in 2022 and beyond.

You must ensure that your email marketing teams are easily viewed on smartphones and other mobile devices. This can be done in the following ways:

  • You can adapt your emails to light and dark modes without affecting company logos or other essential elements.
  • Consider font sizes and font types so that they can be optimized for mobile viewing
  • Include call-to-action buttons instead of links. They are more intuitive to use on mobile devices.

Accent on Customer Appreciation

These days, more brands are emphasizing customer appreciation in marketing emails. You might want to do the same. Emails marketing efforts expressing gratitude to the customer base, such as a happy anniversary or happy birthday, are more likely than traditional marketing messages to be opened.

Customer appreciation emails are even more important

  • Your brand can help customers build long-lasting emotional connections
  • Your brand should be humanized and stand out from the rest.
  • Reminding customers of your existence and value is a natural way to get them back in the fold.

You can compliment customer appreciation transactional emails by offering discounts or other special offers. This is just one more way to show your brand is above the rest!

Diverse Data Collection

In 2022 and beyond, it's likely that more businesses will use various strategic data sources to build email marketing efforts lists and create email content for their marketing emails. You shouldn't focus on one data source when developing an email marketing campaign. You should instead use multiple sources to diversify your data and ensure you have the best information.

These are the three main data types:

  • Zero-party Data - Any information that a customer or lead is willing to share with your brand. Consider a customer's knowledge on a survey, pop-up, or form.
  • First-party data - Any information that you get due to user activity on your website or replication
  • Second-party Data - Any data you obtain through a trusted partner like a data analysis company - This data is crucial because it often complies with security and privacy regulations.
  • Third-party Data - Any data collected from data aggregators and data management platforms. This data can also be obtained from online marketplaces such as Google.

Use User-Generated Content

For a good reason, user-generated content is becoming more popular than ever. Consumers find user-generated content more authentic and, therefore more valuable than branded content.

Trustworthy and cost-effective, user-generated content such as testimonials and social media videos are possible. They offer high returns on investment. Particularly testimonials are an intelligent addition to marketing emails. After all, 90% of consumers will review a business online before making a purchase.

By including hashtags and prioritizing photo-based email marketing campaigns, you can incorporate user-generated content into your marketing emails.

Responsive email templates

Your marketing email service providers will be viewed on different screens, so you need to create responsive templates for 2022 and beyond. Responsive templates make sure that marketing emails look precisely the way you intended.

These email templates also ensure message functionality. For example, users can quickly and intuitively click on call-to-action buttons or view the entire email's content. You can download responsive email templates for free or at a low price.

AI-Powered Data Analysis

Machine learning and AI are all around, even in digital marketing strategies. AI data analysis will continue to be used by most companies to make decisions.

  • Their target audience's demographics and characteristics
  • They must consider the needs and wants of their target audience.
  • Which subject lines and keywords work best for a campaign?
  • Which members of the audience are most likely to open marketing emails?
  • More

This is an excellent development in many ways. AI-powered data analysis makes it less likely that miscommunications will occur or incorrect conclusions will be drawn about the target audience members. Given the abundance of data, it is also easier to feed the machine learning program enough data to draw precise conclusions.

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Personalization has increased

Companies that wish to be successful in 2022 email marketing will need to improve their email personalization. The information that they collect about consumers is something that consumers are very conscious of. However, personalization techniques such as using a customer's first name or offering discounts for repeat purchases can increase your email marketing's effectiveness.

Many companies use AI to create custom-tailored emails for clients. You can show your customers and clients that your brand cares by using the right personalization strategies and steps.

Maximize engagement by using CRM data

CRM software, also known as customer relationship management software, gives you access to a wealth of information about each client and lead for your company. To maximize engagement and open rates, why not make use of that data in your email marketing?

For example, Really Simply Systems' CRM platform allows you to not just design professional-looking, streamlined emails with an intuitive drag-and-drop design interface. You can also:

  • Test and preview different email designs
  • Add personalized links to blogs, product pages, or other sites.
  • Personalize your email marketing messages with CRM data such as location, customer name, and purchases.
  • You can set email preferences to ensure that you comply with data protection regulations like the GDPR.
  • More

CRM software that is well-designed and comprehensive allows you to create marketing emails that are memorable for your customers. It also makes it easy to tailor the messages to their needs. This is an advantage that you cannot afford to lose in this highly competitive market.

Take a bow

These email marketing trends will help you maximize your marketing's efficiency and effectiveness. Your marketing emails will drive more conversions and your target audience will choose you over other brands. Before you launch your first marketing email, do extensive research. Then wait for the conversions.