How ECommerce Companies use Email Marketing


What is Email marketing?

Email Marketing refers to using email communications as a component of a marketing strategy to achieve certain business goals. Increased brand exposure, better consumer connection (through newsletters), customer acquisition, and client loyalty are all possible outcomes. Email can entice and attract potential customers in an outreach campaign.

Planning for the best email marketing strategy considers the audience, goals, and modality. Campaigns to onboard new customers, re-engage inactive customers, or drive customers from lead to conversion have unique goals and approaches.

Email marketing uses email to promote your brand, sell products or services, and build customer relationships. Developing and deploying a message that enables your company to appeal to a certain audience is possible when creating an email marketing campaign. You can send marketing communications to both present and potential customers using the marketing channel known as ecommerce email marketing.

Your strategies can be simple, like sending a weekly email blast with featured products, or complex—with multiple automated email series for cart abandonment, customer engagement, and exclusive membership deals. Either way, the ultimate goal is increasing customer engagement and driving conversions.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Newsletters

Using newsletters is an excellent approach to informing your customers about your company. These often include an introduction, a description, links, and images that inform clients about new goods and services, business updates, major announcements, and news from the industry.

  • Welcome Messages

These emails are often sent to new customers after online registration, but they can also be used to generate sales, follow up with leads, or spread brand awareness. A welcome message works best with a special offer to further generate customer interest or action.

  • Anniversary or Birthday Messages

This campaign boosts customer retention and loyalty. This type of email highlights milestones significant to the brand or the customer and is usually accompanied by a special promo or discount, or promo code that they can use.

  • Limited Time Offers

This email campaign targets customers in sales, especially those who have purchased similar items or those who still need to complete their purchase. Also, many emails contain discount or promotion coupons that are time-limited.

  • Abandoned Cart Emails

Likewise, emailing clients who have abandoned their shopping carts can persuade them to finish their purchases. These emails can be automated messages requesting that the buyer finish their transaction by a certain date.

Options for Email Marketing

There are some disadvantages to using your standard email provider (like Outlook or Google) to send promotional emails. Some programmes are unable to send mass emails. Many firms use a specialized email marketing solution. Email marketing services offer a variety of advantages: You can build designs with a professional appearance with email marketing services for designers. These services frequently provide templates and user-friendly software. Because the email marketing service may be coupled with your CRM system, personalization and targeting are both feasible. Because of this, it's simple to make personalized remarks, includes past purchases, and even incorporate customer names.

Deliverability: Email marketing firms create their services to make your email less likely to be classified as spam. Email spam is less likely as a result. Users of Outlook and Gmail can discover their emails in spam folders, which could result in your IP address being permanently blocklisted.

Evaluation: Email marketing services can monitor your email communications' open rates, bounced emails, and click-through rates. You can utilize this knowledge to make your upcoming campaigns better.

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The Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Build up Customer Enthusiasm

Customer interest is effectively raised through email marketing. A newsletter is a quick, simple, and inexpensive way to inform and enthuse customers about new product launches or promotions.

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty

Boost Client Loyalty You can routinely communicate with customers and website visitors through email marketing. Proven buyers also appreciate being kept up-to-date with the latest products and promos. Studies show it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

  • Better Customer Outreach

Email marketing is more likely to be seen than social media updates, where they can miss out on announcements and scroll up their news feeds. With a few clicks, emails can be sent to thousands of users. Those users are free to read online or offline at their convenience.

  • Easy to Maintain and Inexpensive

As mentioned earlier, email marketing is cost-effective, relatively more accessible, and cheaper to maintain. The process has been made simpler with the help of email marketing services like Cyber Infrastructure Inc., enabling more automation and customisation.

Email Marketing Strategies

Although email marketing is easy to set up and manage, results are produced by adopting a goal-centred plan.

  • Define KPIs

Define your KPIs. What is your click-through rate, the percentage of recipients who clicked on a link in your email? Perhaps the conversion rate is the proportion of receivers who went on to purchase or finish a form asking for more details. Your open rate? Even the unsubscribe and list growth rates provide insights into your email effectiveness.

  • Segment Audiences

Various subscribers and customers require strategies tailored to their specific requirements. They were segmenting your email marketing by recipient type at a minimum. Likely, new and ongoing customers all need a different message and touch.

Beyond segmentation, message personalization increases relevance; driving mail opens and customer engagement with your brand.

  • Use Your Customer Relationship Management

An integrated CRM can manage customer contacts, distribution lists, and campaigns, making segmenting, personalizing, and measuring easier. If you have an existing Marketing Automation platform system or a CRM with email automation features, use the email marketing engine to automate your initiatives.

Why should One do Email Marketing?

There are many great reasons why email should be a powerful tool in your marketing toolkit, but what makes it most appealing is that it's one of the least expensive means of marketing. It's also highly effective in helping you gather data that enables you to better appeal to your customers.

With email marketing, you can measure the effectiveness of your messaging based on metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and conversion. You may also examine information on a user's time spent on your website and the links they clicked while they were there.

It's a veritable treasure trove of information that allows you to discern which elements were and weren't successful, refine future messages, segment audiences, and create more compelling offers.

Compare that with direct mail marketing, which is much more expensive and often proves more challenging to measure ROI. A bump in sales following a direct mail campaign can be tied to the effort. Still, in terms of data you can glean from the mailing and use for future advertising, there is much less unless you direct people to a specific URL, offer code, or coupon to use online or in-store.

Ecommerce Email Marketing campaigns are an effective marketing strategy that uses incentive email to promote products of an online store to existing or potential customers.

Since emails are one of the most widely used forms of digital communication, employing them for marketing may be very successful. They help boost customer engagement, build customer loyalty, share helpful information, announce the hottest deals, and boost sales.

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Why should E-Commerce Businesses do Email Marketing?

As an e-commerce business owner, you've probably heard the sales pitch for almost every marketing channel. You may even dabble in email marketing, but you need to understand just how valuable a tool it is to your sales strategy. Email marketing is a unique process in that, unlike social media or Search Engine Optimization, you own every piece of the funnel. Most importantly, you own the custom email subscriber list.

Email Marketing Importance for ECommerce Businesses

Email marketing is crucial for achieving business success. The advantages of using efficient email methods are enormous. Email Marketing Strategy allows for brand awareness, building credibility, and establishing trustworthy customer relationships. Also, it is a perfect way to generate leads, drive more sales, and boost website traffic.

The latest Email Marketing Statistics

The most recent data to support email marketing's ability to advance your eCommerce can be found below.

  • 99% of consumers check their email inboxes every day;
  • 80% of merchants believe email marketing to be the most effective method of client retention.;
  • 59% of consumers say that marketing emails can influence their purchase choice;
  • 42% of Americans subscribe to marketing emails for discounts and special offers.

How to Boost Sales using Email Marketing

  • User onboarding
  • Lead nurturing
  • Mailing list segmentation
  • Re-engaging passive users
  • Cross-selling
  • Upselling

Let's look at the most effective email marketing strategies that can help you boost sales, attract customers, and re-engage passive clients.

  • User Onboarding

A welcome email is a wonderful way to show new consumers your attitude towards them.. You have only one chance to create a positive first impression. You must therefore consider how to capture readers' interest. It's important to note that 33% of customers become more involved with a brand when they get a welcome email from the business. Also, you can encourage regular customers to purchase with a unique first-time-visitor discount provided in the email collection.

Onboarding emails often come in 2-3 messages to provide newcomers with a smooth start. Marketers share educational content objects to nurture leads. It may be a welcome video from the brand's CEO, a how-to guide, or a short checklist.

  • Lead Nurturing

Retaining the generated leads and nurturing them into loyal clients is vital. One of the most significant ways to do it is to provide them with the necessary educational content during the entire lifecycle. Please find out why leads drop off and support them when they need that.

An illustration of a lead nurturing email is given below. To boost subscriber engagement, Eventbrite provides a checklist for event locations.

  • Mailing List Segmentation

User segmentation is a crucial tactic to offer your customers and leads to a more individualized experience. All users are different and have different interests. You must understand and categorise your customers based on their requirements and interests. Then, you can develop emails that will be more appropriate for each group of clients.

Collect the data via a subscription form, preference management centre, and based on customer behaviour on your website. Create emails that are highly tailored and effective with this information. See the email from an abandoned cart below. One strategy to segment your mailing list and boost sales is to do that.

  • Re-engaging Passive Users

You can opt for this email marketing strategy if your clients lose interest in your services or products. By sending this email, you can draw your customers' attention and invite them to your website to check out the latest discounts or seasonal offers. As demonstrated by this example, you can inquire with inactive users about their interest in continuing to receive emails. Make sure that users can unsubscribe anytime.

  • Cross-Selling

Giving customers items that complement their orders may persuade them to buy more. Provide products that are the ideal complement to the chosen products.

  • Upselling

Upselling emails work perfectly for eCommerce businesses. After clients order or purchase, offer new, pricier options or different models with advanced features. If you highlight the value customers will get after purchasing more expensive products, they will go for them.

ECommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

  1. Create eye-catching designs and use responsive email templates
  2. Run A/B testing to know your customers better
  3. Send extra discount emails to your loyal customers
  4. Always notify your consumers about forthcoming sales
  5. Send behavioural emails
  6. Implement a referral program

Below are some hints on practical email marketing approaches for an eCommerce business.

  1. Create Eye-Catching Designs and use Responsive Email Templates. Make your emails convenient to read on any mobile device, and include a visible link to follow.
  2. Run A/B Testing to know your Customer directory Better. It will help you discover your client's needs and make your email campaigns more effective and sales-driven.
  3. Send Extra Discount Emails to your Loyal Customers. It's one of eCommerce businesses' most effective email marketing strategies to nurture loyal customers and build your brand image.
  4. Always Notify your Consumers about the Forthcoming Sales season, holiday-themed deals, and hot discount offers to entice them to visit your website and make a purchase.
  5. Send Behavioral Emails. These messages are highly relevant to each client and highly tailored. They're sent in response to the user's actions. These emails include an abandoned shopping cart, order confirmation, shipment status, and feedback request emails.
  6. Implement a Referral Program. It's a significant step to attracting new leads and nurturing loyal relationships. As a result, it's a fantastic opportunity to advertise your business and draw in new clients. Individuals frequently accept the advice of their peers.

How to Advance your Online Store Marketing

Several Email Marketing Tools can make sending emails easier and help you get the greatest results. With Cyber Infrastructure Inc.'s email service, you can create well-designed emails with a simple drag-and-drop editor. You can accomplish it without having any technical knowledge. Several pre-designed templates are available, so pick the one that best suits your needs. Also, you will be able to evaluate the success of email campaigns and keep an eye on the actions and behaviour of subscribers. To automate daily tasks, conduct A/B testing, track the results, and send triggered emails. Use an eCommerce platform to enhance your performance. You can use it to create your website and run your store's operations. Integrating it with Cyber Infrastructure Inc. allows you to exchange email addresses between services.

How to do Email Marketing

While much of this article will focus on email marketing strategies for active marketers, we understand that only some e-commerce businesses are set up for email marketing.

If that describes you and you are ultimately new to email marketing, follow these first steps:

  1. Set realistic and sustainable goals to grow your business, such as building an email list or improving customer directory retention by X per cent.
  2. Choose a programme for email marketing.
  3. Have a plan for your earliest campaigns (e.g., welcome series, abandoned cart series, or new product launches).
  4. Decide how you'll collect email addresses. Many e-commerce companies offer a small coupon in exchange for email addresses.
  5. Set up landing pages as needed for campaigns.
  6. With your preferred analytics provider, set up campaign tracking.

Take the time to establish a firm foundation, and you'll be off to a better start than many seasoned e-commerce businesses.

How to Advance Your Online Business Marketing

You may send emails more efficiently and get better results using one of the various email marketing software solutions available. The email service provided by Cyber Infrastructure Inc. lets you design beautiful emails using a drag-and-drop editor. You don't require technological expertise. Many pre-designed templates are available, so you can pick the one that best meets your requirements.

You can do this to assess and keep an eye on subscriber behaviour and activity. Also, you may run A/B tests and monitor the outcomes. Sending trigger emails is another way to automate regular tasks.

You may enhance the functionality of your website with an eCommerce platform. This platform can be used to build and maintain your website. Cyber Infrastructure Inc. can be coupled with it for the two services to swap email addresses. This enables you to develop a sophisticated email marketing strategy.

What do you want from your Subscribers?

Whether a customer is reading your blog, viewing a promotional video, or purchasing your newest product, they must be able to grasp what you are trying to do. A newsletter or website offers users a call to action (CTA). The prompt frequently has a button or link that leads the user to the desired outcome.

According to reports, a single CTA can boost clicks and revenues by 371 per cent and 1617 per cent, respectively. The finest CTAs are simple and direct.

With your email marketing campaigns, make a solid call to action by:

  1. Recognizing the ultimate objective.
  2. Use action-oriented language.
  3. Use the first person to address your audience.
  4. Keep your communication brief and to the point.
  5. Keep your voice conversational.

Regularly A/B-test all calls to action.

Test various calls to action to determine which components consumers react to most favourably. This includes verbs, word order, colour, and button shape. With Personalization, you can Divide up your List. Have you ever received emails specifically tailored for you? You, like most people, will respond to an email with a higher chance of being compelled to act.

  • Compared to non-targeted emails, personalized promotional emails can boost revenue and transaction rates by six times.
  • Contextual, demographic, or behavioural PersonalizationPersonalization are the three possible types of PersonalizationPersonalization.
  • Using the customer's location at each journey stage is contextual personalization. You might be getting ready to buy or just beginning your research.
  • Recommendations are made using demographic personalization, which uses data on age, gender, and location.

The term "behavioural personalization" describes the utilization of previous purchases and online activity (e.g., abandoned carts). This Etsy email demonstrates how merchandise is pushed in light of prior purchases. You can combine these categories depending on how many people are on your email list. Mix location-based recommendations with previous purchases.

Your segmentation will make your digital marketing campaigns more targeted and more successful. You may create a customer experience that makes your consumers feel appreciated by segmenting your email list based on how long your subscribers have been subscribers or the maximum amount they've spent. You'll notice that I don't say discount; instead, I say experience and reward.

Is a price cut a prize? Absolutely. Discounts have drawbacks. Discounts, in particular, have the potential to diminish brand loyalty. Committed customers are aware of the worth of your goods. Instead of a discount, think about an experiential reward. The spending patterns of millennials corroborate this. This is because 78 per cent of millennials prefer to spend money on customer experiences rather than goods.

  • Give away one-in-a-lifetime trips
  • gatherings where brand advocates can mingle
  • Establish a rewarding rewards scheme.
  • Make a top-notch social media platform community that runs online events.

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Email marketing is essential to any digital marketing strategy, no matter how experienced or new you are with e-commerce. Starting is simple. The best strategy can only be developed once your campaign is set up. You need to incorporate these ten tactics into your ecommerce email marketing plan.

Those are Begin with a series of welcome messages consisting of a call to action; your lists can be segmented using Personalization, do Everything you can to automate, create a dynamic sequence for cart abandonment, split testing may be done, use email to promote participation, dedicated subscribers will receive unique benefits and experiences, receive a waitlist or notifications when the item is back in stock, make use of dynamic content objects. You can use these tactics to ensure your Email Marketing Efforts optimize engagement and conversions.