5 Major Stages of Digital Marketing Funnel


A digital marketing funnel represents the actions of buyers from the moment they first pay attention to your brand until they become customers. 

It shows how users move from being targeted to becoming loyal customers. This strategy is used by salespeople to drive traffic to their websites. It is an integral part of marketing. It improves the efficiency of businesses and converts customers into customers.

Although a digital marketing funnel may sound simple, implementation can be complicated due to the many marketing channels available and the different trigger points that are available to different users. The right IT and digital marketing services provider will help you to implement it.

The old digital marketing funnel was focused on awareness, interest, desire, and action. The process was simpler at that time. A buyer would become aware of a brand, get interested in its products and services, then take action to purchase them. This funnel is a way to convert potential customers into loyal customers. However, this basic funnel was created at a time when direct mail, television, and radio were the most popular marketing methods. This funnel is still applicable today, but marketers need to understand that marketing methods have changed. Customers receive information not only via TV or mail but also via social media, mobile, and the web.

The marketing funnel had to change with technology gaining influence in almost all areas. The top digital marketing and IT service provider company in India β€“ Acumen Worldwide knows that the digital age demands a digital marketing funnel that reflects current trends in marketing. The modern digital marketing funnel includes the following stages: Awareness, Discovery, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention.

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This stage is when the person first becomes aware of your brand. This could happen via social media, email, search engines, or ads. This will direct the user to your site, thereby increasing traffic. These are the main steps to be considered during this stage. This strategy will allow your brand to establish its presence.


This is where the individual will start to research more about the brand and show an interest in its products or services. Brands engage with their audience by offering them the best solutions to their problems. You can also get more options based on what you've already enjoyed. Netflix, for instance, recommends different options based on what you've watched or added to your watch list. This is SEO done correctly.


The person is now reading through all media and may subscribe to your newsletter if any. They are considering purchasing the services or products and will be able to ask questions about the brand. You need to build backlinks and be active on social media.


This stage is dependent on your products and services, and whether or not they solve buyers' problems. This will determine how quickly the person can be converted. Brands will do everything they can to get customers to buy their products. Customers make their decision about whether or not to use your products and services. As a brand, all you can do is appeal to customers as a solution to their problems.


This is a sign that you have succeeded in converting the buyer into a loyal customer. The important thing is to keep the customer happy with your products and services. It is often overlooked by brands that they need to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. Customers may shift to other brands as a result. Retention is an important step to avoid this. Customers who are unhappy with their service or don't receive valuable interaction will abandon you and go to the competition. This is not a good way to build a lasting relationship. Some brands send their customers incessant emails and popups. This is a poor strategy for client retention. You can think of ways to add value to customers' requests, without being intrusive. Your top priority should be customer satisfaction.

Everybody who offers digital marketing services in India knows that a good funnel can help businesses increase their targeted leads. A well-planned funnel can help customers have a better experience and make it easier for them to sell. It also increases revenue. Each stage of the digital marketing funnel requires research. Follow the steps as they can lead to long-term success for your business.