Leading network security and data management business in the USA

Customer Overview

A leading network security and data management business in the USA required a rigid service set up to help its product sales team. It was needed because the operations of the company had expanded to some other nations and it became rather difficult to control the support function.


The company approached LiveHelpIndia with the following problems:

  • As a result of business's growing client foundation, each process was going haywire as much necessary product support services was not present.
  • The client was incurring heavy costs in loss just to offer the support services for their products.
  • After the regular working hours, client was unable to offer support services for their product .


LiveHelpIndia allotted this project to a dedicated group of technical support executives, who have been highly competent and well versed in such domains.

LHI implemented the operations of supporting the client in a series of stages:

  • The product service round-the-clock was facilitated by LHI’s outsourcing services. It helped client’s customers to solve their queries 24/7.
  • Initially, only email service was put in place. But with time, chat support services and voice support was also included.
  • An escalation process was setup to pass the essential defects to client’s technology team in the United States.
  • The escalation process ensured that only the most critical defects in the product were reported to the engineers of the company. Rest of the issues were solved by LHI’s outsourced support team.


There were two major challenges faced by our Outsourced Tech Support:

  • The turnaround time to solve inquiries of this firm's non-USA customers was Brobdingnagian. It required immediate attention, especially for its clients in European and Asian countries.
  • The current in-house team was not at all learned about the technical aspects of the product. Therefore, it took sometime for our outsourcing support team to learn about the operations and products of the client.


LiveHelpIndia and its outsource technical support met the requirements of the client in 4 months of implementing the project. During this time period, the exceptional 24/7 support team from LHI managed to improve the quality of the support operations.

Here are some of the areas that were substantially improved:

  • The access to 24X7 service operations helped the company improve their customer satisfaction by managing its customers professionally, especially those located in European and Asian nations.
  • The substantial decline in the general prices was listed by the business by outsourcing its product support services to LiveHelpIndia.
  • The workload of the company's support team in the USA dropped dramatically as LHI's service team managed the bulk of the queries effortlessly.

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