Major printer service organization


A superior printer services firm approached us with a severe consumer service concern. Their customer satisfaction level had received an alarming blow. Client's inbound technical service call center was facing a call abandonment rate which was as high as 32-40 %. They were losing countless customers due to unanswered queries calls from their customers. Therefore, they were in deep requirement of a reliable Technical Support Services Company.


To comprehend the demands of the customer, our team at LivehelpIndia conducted an in-depth evaluation of the customer's problem. After our investigation, we found following core problems:

  • The client's in-house tech support fell short in terms of their infrastructure and approach.
  • The technical customer service agents of the company did not have the required expertise in handling the queries of the client.

According to our exhaustive analysis, we could understand that the client required a Technical Support 24/7 for increasing their customer satisfaction.


The inbound call center team at LivehelpIndia chose to customize the BPO platform of the client. We desired to slash the call abandonment rate and additionally fortify the customer satisfaction level. Here's the solution we provided:

  • To deal with the large call volume of this customer, we raised the number of technical support executives from 20 to 40.
  • Day time support and multiple service changes were introduced.
  • 24/7 support service was extended for peak period demands.
  • We ensured that the new team were well aware of the domain expertise in tackling technical queries.
  • For clients who waited for over 3 minutes, we released voice email providers.
  • To attend to calls that get lost, we supplied a unique call back facility with a group of 8 call center representatives. We reduced the number of call agents to 3 after streamlining the procedures.
  • During the course of this outsourced technical support project, we continuously refined, updated, rectified and improved the procedure by keeping customer in our mind.
  • We successfully slashed the turnaround time with the team providing exceptional support via voice, and email.


In a short span of time, we were able to bring things on track for the customer. With our Technical Support Outsourcing, clients business drove towards excellence. Our customer was very pleased with the results:

  • A superior Outsourced Tech Support center with customer satisfaction levels between 80-90% was established.
  • The call abandonment rate plummeted from a whopping 48% to an unbelievable 15%. That meant before our 24/7 tech support, 92 percent of these calls weren't being answered on time.

The Outsourced Tech Support at LivehelpIndia managed to accomplish all the above in only 2 months! The results had a tremendous impact on our customer's business. To conclude, our client was extremely happy with our services and the consequent improvement of their inbound tech support service.

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