24*7 technical support for a

Leading Printer Services Company

Customer Overview

Our Customer is a leading Printer Services Company. They witnessed greater rate of calls per month, which led to poor customer satisfaction. It soon became a cause of concern for their BPO division. They approached Live Help India for designing a special BPO platform which could improve the operation of their inbound technology support.

Problem statement

The team at LiveHelpIndia interacted with the customer and found the following are the key problems they were facing:

  • The BPO branch of the client's printer solutions company was focusing on shipping and required instruction in BPO platform Administration.
  • The call abandonment rate for inbound calls has been very high at 42%-50%. It was urgently required to improve the turnaround time to respond to customers' queries


There was a Outsource Software Support launched, which was armed with Technical Support 24 7. It helped in curbing the turnaround time considerably.

The following support services were provided by LiveHelpIndia’s Outsourced Tech Support:

  • Increased the infrastructure channels to 88.
  • The total headcount of outsourced tech support agents was raised to 45, in order to match the call volume.
  • Improved the service time period.
  • For clients waiting for over 3 minutes on the call, LHI enforced Voice Mail Services.
  • Initiated a call back team (comprising of 7 - 9 agents) to improve consumer satisfaction, by reducing the frequency of repeat calls
  • Performing constant improvements and procedure enhancement tasks.
  • Live Help India extended its services to 24 hours during the peak period (when there were too much processing requirements).
  • Each of the databases was periodically maintained and updated.


Few significant challenges faced while analyzing clients demands are as follows:

  • The consumer satisfaction percentage was as low as 60%.
  • The client's existing in-house support service team included 25 representatives and 35 stations.
  • They weren't technically sound and were less informed about the BPO domain. Moreover, their approach to take a call weren't in accordance with standard BPO platforms.


Our client was extremely delighted with the Outsource Technical Support offered by Live Help India. They appreciated the fact that our Technical Support Services team managed to achieve this accomplishment in a span of 4 months.

  • The turnaround time of the project improved and the call abandonment rate also decreased to 12% - 15%.
  • The consumer satisfaction percentage has been raised to 75% - 85%.

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