Virtual Assistants to Manage

Recruitment, Sales and Service Provisioning

Customer Overview

This renowned client of UK is a leading cleaning service provider delivering outstanding reliable office and commercial cleaning services.


We provides virtual assistants to handle following departments i.e recruitment of the cleaners, sales and client service. Tasks involved in each of them includes:


  • Making campaign of job vacancies utilizing Mail-Chimp, browsing pictures, updating database, sending emails to keep the cleaners updated about the new employments accessible.
  • Posting work ads on Facebook page to get a higher response from the cleaners.
  • Posting advertisements on free promotion portals, creating and outlining the matter, posting all the required points of interest and all the accessible entries.
  • Making a database of all the current cleaners, new cleaners, interested cleaners, cover cleaners and so on.
  • Keeping a record of new cleaners in a spreadsheet applying for the employment.
  • Reaching them to get all the required areas and time of their interest.
  • Sending messages and emails to clarify the records required for verification & documentation.
  • Furnishing them for keeping record check up to date. Gathering references from the cleaners, keeping a record of them and verifying them.
  • Coordinating with wages department about cleaner's wages, company documentation, signing of contracts and so forth.
  • Finding new cleaners for new contracts according to post-codes and convenience for the cleaners.
  • Discovering replacement cleaners for existing cleaners, cover cleaners for site in case of holidays taken by old cleaners.


  • We give chat support to the prospective clients online.
  • Providing quotations for their cleaning requirements.
  • Making contract/specification and getting them signed/approved by clients, submitting the same to the management.
  • Scheduled follow ups with prospective clients.


  • Keeping systematic records utilizing Google spreadsheets, calendars and other online record keeping tools.
  • Making email campaigns and sending to a huge number of cleaners.
  • Posting work advertisements on occupational promotion portals to get maximum applications from the cleaners looking for jobs.
  • Communicating through messages to fill the communication crevice.
  • Hiring cleaners only after complete documentation and background check.
  • Posting job ads on Facebook page to get a higher reaction from the cleaners.
  • Keeping wages department informed timely about cleaners holidays, covers and so on.


  • We handle incoming calls spontaneously and act accordingly to co-ordinate and solve issues if any.
  • We make outgoing calls to manage the cleaners so that the cleaning at the sites is carried out without hindrance.
  • Coordinating with supervisor and cleaners regarding the new sites and on-going schedules.
  • Coordinating with the client and cleaners about the start date, time & hours of new cleaning job.
  • We check, if quality/standards of work is kept up via regular cleaning feedbactk from clients.
  • Getting required documents of the new cleaners for enrollment to begin work at new sites.
  • Communicating to them about their contract with client with respect to wages, leave policy, etc.
  • Checking with the cleaners whether they require any cleaning materials at the site and placing the order accordingly for the same.
  • In case of any termination of existing contracts we get in touch with the customer to examine the reason that led to it and then communicate the same to the client’s managerial head.

    If the agreement ends, we inform the cleaners not to proceed with the cleaning and give them new jobs.

  • Reaching there accomplices with respect to window cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  • Informing wages department about cleaners substitution, cover and replacements.
  • Reaching there accomplices with respect to window cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  • Informing wages department about cleaners substitution, cover and replacements.

Problem statement

  • To reduce cost and get specialized servics simultaneously.
  • No additional office space or operating costs.
  • New thoughts and viewpoints on organization administration.

Challenges during Implementation

  • Maintaining an efficient record of the customer inquiries and requirements.
  • Maintaining an efficient record of the current cleaners and new applicants.
  • Gathering required cleaners reports and legal documents. Connecting to a large number of prospective cleaners for new openings.
  • Communicating with cleaners in spite of language barrier. Arranging cover cleaners on very short notice

positive outcome

  • Large number of contracts were won because of efficiency of operation.
  • Client is highly satisfied with the spontaneous & efficient administration.
  • New and hard-working cleaners are enrolled. Client saves money and time.
  • Fulfilled permanent/temporary needs of the company. There is co-ordination between cleaners, customers and cleaning activities ensuring smooth operation.
  • Client need not worry about the cleaning service and cleaners since we manage them all.
  • Specialized approach to management of all the services at one place.
  • Dedicated resource for all activities.

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