24*7 technical support for a

Leading client in Aviation and Hospitality Industry

Customer Overview

This US-based leading client of Aviation and Hospitality Industry provides crew layover management, billing and reconciliation, and one invoice payment solution.

  • Database Management for the airline through SQL.
  • Documenting crew and provide information to all contracted and listed hotels.
  • Confirmation Calls with Hotels.
  • Pending bookings report.
  • Canceled bookings rep
  • Crew Layover Lodging Management.
  • Transportation Management.
  • Irregular Flight Crew Placement.

Problem statement

To provide 24*7 technical support for the client.


Focused mind helped us to overcome any hurdles (i.e.) scenario during our operation. Proper time management and team work made the operations easier. We used to take any scenario and discuss among the team for the proper solution for it and used to cross check it with our customer service team. Proper PowerPoint Presentation, roster and time scheduling of reports made the ongoing operations flexible.

CHAllenges during implementation

Every process has an objective behind it and a complete workflow to follow. The important part in all the processes are terminologies and their meanings related to process. The process we worked on was a completely conceptual process. It is scenario based and needs proper determination, time and logical analyzing. At start we underwent an extensive training over terminologies, various operations and found it a bit challenging but interesting to work on Data Base Management System..


Process enabled a team bonding environment as it’s necessarily required to get going with tricky operations. Providing support for Aviation and Hospitality Industry (Industry that runs 24*7*365) has been a great achievement for us.

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