A leading IT services company

Customer Overview

This particular client is a leading IT service provider located in the US. They are adept in offering a bunch of IT programs and add-ons. It had been one of the engagement in multinational technical support together with the corporation.

Problem statement

This IT company required inbound technical support help desk 24/7/365 in order to cater to all the technical and specific queries faced by their customers in the United States.


LiveHelpIndia put their expertise to garner a possible solution for the client. We’ve immense experience in working on remote IT support projects, which helped us ramp up fast. Our solution was bifurcated as following:

  • Targeted Staffing: As per the demand and requirement of clients niche, we staffed the technical helpdesk with an able and experienced team who already have operated on similar projects of IT solutions.
  • Training: Further, the selected staff was further trained in client-specific services and solutions. It was done so that they can deal with their clients confidently and further solve the issues or bugs swiftly.

CHAllenges during implementation

Since the client was involved in a diverse range of IT services and solutions, staffing the help desk was one of our biggest challenges. The technical support staff answering the inbound calls had to be proficient with the IT-related technical skills (tools and technologies). Moreover, they had to possess enough experience to solve customer issues over a call.

All these challenges had to be managed in an economical manner by keeping the client’s budget in mind. Our 24/7/365 help desk staff received the required technical training from the client.


The customer is very happy with our (continuous) outsourced help desk services; and concrete benefit metrics, though accessible, cannot be shared as a result of customer confidentiality issues. However, we are happy to report that the following has been noted by our client:

  • All technical queries are being handled with precision.
  • The company's specialized products and services have been simplified for those who call.
  • LivehelpIndia has proven itself in offering the perfect infrastructural support to handle all calls.

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